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#EndeGelaende reacts to intimidation attempts by #Aachen police

Cologne, German territory: Ende Gelaende defends itself against intimidation attempts by the police in the run-up to the announced protests at the Garzweiler open-cast mine in the Rhineland region. The Aachen police apparently send letters to schools in the administrative district of Cologne and threaten to get people who want to take part in the actions of Fridays for Future and Ende Gelände into “aggressive clashes” as well as into a ” criminal liability trap”.

Originally published by Ende Gelaende. Translated by Enough 14. Image above: Archive image from Ende Gelaende 2018

“Ende Gelaende is a movement composed of big parts of the population. Our action consensus ensures that we behave calmly and thoughtfully and do not endanger people. The Aachen police are now trying to discredit a whole movement with false allegations. It will not be successful with that”, says Kathrin Henneberger, press spokeswoman of Ende Gelaende.

“The past has shown People who participate at Ende Gelaende stick to our action consensus, the escalating violence clearly comes from the police. We ask police president Dirk Weinsbach: “How does he ensure that there is no illegal police violence against Ende Gelaende and Fridays for Future?”, Henneberger asks.

“While politicians have remained inactive on the issue of climate protection, we have continued to grow. Last year, 50,000 people demonstrated together for the Hambacher Forest. We invite everyone to come and see for themselves our diverse and creative protests for a future without a climate crisis. From june 19 until June 24, thousands of people will shut down lignite mines in the Rhineland region and end the age of fossil fuels,” Henneberger said.

Ende Gelaende is an action alliance for an immediate coal exit, climate justice and a fundamental system change. In October 2018, over 6,000 activists blocked the coal infrastructure at the Hambach opencast mine in the Rhineland region for 24 hours with mass actions of civil disobedience. According to a legal assessment of the overall circumstances by the state prosecutor’s office in Aachen, the occupation of the tracks did not violate the law.

Ende Gelaende, June 5, 2019

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