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Greek Prisons: Protests spread across the country in order to accellerate the voting of the new penal code

A general update on the current situation in Greece’s prisons.

Submitted to Enough 14.

The prisoners in Korydallos Prison, demanding a change and improvement in the penal code and the code of legal processes, decided:

  1. to demand from the political leadership of this courtry, to proceed immediately to parliamentary vote of
    the new bill of decrees on the penal code and the code of legal processes before the general elections.
    We also demand the preservation of the laws which benefit prisoners with illnesses, which are already enforced.
  2. Since the time frame of three months for consultation purposes has already passed, any postponement of bringing this bill to vote is rendered inexcusable.
  3. As a form of protest for delaying to vote the bill and the arbitrary actions of the prosecutorial authorities which proceed to convictions based on circumstantial evidence, while 40% of all prisoners are facing longterm sentences and life sentences (in spite of the fact that in other countries they would be acquitted) we declare that: *as of today Saturday, we are keeping the prison yard open at noon and delaying the evening lockdown up till 21:30. Cells will be locked at 23:00.

*on Monday we are going to refrain from all types of in-prison work (apart from the cantine for coffee and cigarettes) and will further delay the closing of the yard and the cells by an extra thrity minutes for every day that goes by, until the new penal code and the new code of legal processes is voted.

*as of today Saturday, we are keeping the prison yard open at noon and delaying the evening lockdown up till 21:30. Cells will be locked at 23:00.

PS. We have been expecting the manager of penal policies Mr. Doulamis to come on Friday to discuss the issue of visiting rights. He did not show up. The indifference toward our fair demands will only escalate our protest.
Korydallos Prison Struggle Committee Wings A, B, C, D, E and ST

Avlonas Prison for Underage Offenders also co-signs the above letter and states that prisoners would enact a mobilization until the new bill is voted for by the current parliament. From Monday June 3d, they began to abstain from receiving prison rations. Source:

Chania Prison also co-signes the above letter and declares their determination to prevent midday lockdown until the new bill gets voted by the parliament.

Larissa Prison: Prisoners in A, B and C wing proceed to a mobilization for the immediate voting of the new penal code by keeping the prison yard open at noon and delaying the evening lockdown by one hour. Source:

Women Prisoners in Korydallos Prison: We must escalate our mobilization for the immediate voting of the new penal code. In the context of the escalation of our mobilizaion we will keep the yard open until 9pm and the prison open until 11 pm and plan on escalating this during the following days. Signed by 59 women prisoners.

Regarding the problems with prisoners’ visiting rights

Korydallos Prison- A new regime of prohibitions imposed by the external guards
During the last few days a fascist regime has prevailed at the Visitors Gate in Korydallos Prison. From the moment a new manager of the external guards took over, prisoners and their families are continually
subjected to psychological and physical adversities. According to his orders, almost everything is now
prohibited, even cigarettes brought by family members to those who cannot afford to buy them in prison.
In spite of the technology used to check the items brought in by the families, the external guards force
them to take them back. On our part we will not tolerate any insults or problems affecting our families or
ourselves. As a first step we want to inform the Ministry of Justice on this issue and call on the officials to
abrogate this siege that is affecting us and our relatives. We are expecting that the Ministry of Justice will
send the crisis management director Mr. Doulamis to discuss this issue with us and resolve this and other
issues faced by the prisoners.
Korydallos Prison Struggle Committee

Release of Damiano Bolano

Damiano Bolano, member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire has been released from prison after serving his sentence on May 21st. He was in prison since 2011. Source:

Giannis Michailidis escaped from prison

Michailidis who was has been facing problems with his educational furloughs that the prison council in Tirintha Prison failed to renew, has been declared an escapee from prison on the early morning of the 7th of June. He was accused for membership in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the expropriation of banks in Velvendos, Greece. Source:

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