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#Zaragoza: Communiqué of the #KikeMur assembly

Spanish territory: Communiqué from May 25 of the assembly of the Kike Mur social centre in Zaragoza.

Originally published by Squat Net.

The first thing we want to do is to thank all the collectives and individuals who have shown us their support and commitment in defending the political and social project that is being carried out within the walls of the former Torrero Prison. We do not have words to thank you for the wave of solidarity that has been generated.

That the self-styled “governments of change” undertake an offensive against the liberated spaces is not something new, in Barcelona there are countless squatted spaces that have been evicted with the approval of the government of Ada Colau, in Madrid there are also liberated spaces pending evictions and the scourge of evictions continues to spread like wildfire, all under the government of Manuela Carmena. In A Coruña the “government of change” of Marea Atlántica ordered exactly a year ago the eviction of the CSO A Insumisa, in which there was an unprecedented repression with a large number of injuries and arrests, one of which was imprisoned for several days.

We are fed up with their sweetened repression, which is the same as always, we are fed up with their hypocrisy, we are clear that true change arises from the autonomous self-organization from below and in a horizontal manner. Governing “for” the people is an antithesis, because every government implies the imposition of certain laws through violence. Faced with this violence, we choose to weave networks of mutual support among our equals.

The State cannot allow there to be struggles that are not recovered by the system to make them harmless, it cannot allow there to be examples that self-management and self-organization work better than its system based on coercion, it cannot allow squatting to exist, which directly attacks one of the main pillars of capitalism: private property. In short, it cannot allow anyone to dare to dream of a new world.

We are developing a political and social project that bets on the extension of squatting as a tool for the struggle against capitalism and we conceive the squatted social centres as spaces for diffusion and cultural encounter, but also as spaces for confrontation, struggle and conflict against the State and Capitalism. For all of the above, we want to make it clear that we are not going to accept any kind of cession, shared management or collaboration with institutions.

Regarding the proposal to use the former Torrero Prison as an Interpretation Centre for Democratic Memory, it is important to point out that only 10 metres from the door of the CSO Kike Mur is the recently inaugurated Casa de la Memoria Histórica de Zaragoza, managed by memory recovery associations, so this proposal is only an excuse to carry out the eviction. We believe that the best tribute to our grandparents is that the prison in which they were repressed and murdered has now become a space for fighting against the same system that sustains the existence of prisons and works on the basis of horizontal relations in which many of them believed.

Likewise, we want to invite you to build elbow to elbow between all this project, the assemblies are open to anyone who shares the basic principles and we will be delighted that you contribute your grain of sand in the area that most interests and motivates you. The CSO Kike Mur was born to be a space of everybody and for everybody, open to any proposal that can fill with life both the social center as the neighborhood or the city and make us grow both collectively and individually. We look forward to seeing you every Monday at 8pm.

Finally, we want to make it clear that we are not going to allow any town hall to be the color that ends up with a project that has been giving life to an old prison for 9 years. We will defend with nails and teeth our spaces, which are everyone’s. If they want to declare war on us, they will find us in the streets.

Centro Social Okupado Kike Mur
Plaza de la Memoria Histórica
50007 Zaragoza, Spanish State
okupazaragoza [at] riseup [dot] net

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