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#CodeRood: Shell Must Fall! Info-Tour

Netherlands: The first information event of Code Rood’s nationwide Shell Must Fall! tour will take place on the 15th of June. Speakers from Nigeria and Groningen (Netherlands) – two communities at the forefront of the fight against Shell – will share their stories. Olarenwaju Suraju, spokesman for the Nigerian coalition that sued Shell because of corruption, tells more about their action tactics, and someone from Code Red presents the new Shell Must Fall campaign. There are also speakers from the Groningen Soil Movement and The Corner House.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Parts were in English, other parts were translated by Enough 14.

The event takes place at Saturday June 15, 07:00pm – 09:00pm in the Groninger Forum, Hereplein 73, 9711 GD Groningen, Netherlands

Shell Must Fall Infotour, event #1: What does it take to dismantle Shell and the power of fossile multinational corporations? What are our blind spots and what is missing in our strategies and tactics? How can we take even stronger action against this powerful industry?

On the 15th of June Code Rood is launching its national Shell Must Fall! Info tour.

19.00- 19.30: Walk-in
19.30-21.00: Panel Discussion + Q&A
21.00-22.00: Drinks

• Coert Fossen- Bestuurslid Groninger Bodem Beweging
• Olarenwaju Suraju- Voorzitter Civil Society Network Against Corruption, Nigeria
• Nicholas Hildyard- Onderzoeker bij Cornerhouse
• Paula- Code Rood/ Shell Must Fall!

Entry: gratis
Registration link:

The variety of crimes committed by Royal Dutch Shell is vast. This info tour aims to engage in a deepening intersectional analysis of Shell’s destructive impact on communities and nature and to provide a space to construct a vision and pathway beyond it.

During the info tour we will highlight the different layers of Shell’s horrific crimes, interrogate its representative identity and its links to issues including corporate power, fossil capital, decolonisation, and climate justice.

Moreover, the info tour will broadcast and critically investigate the variety of tactics that have been used to tackle Shell. What are the actions needed to dismantle Shell and to move beyond capitalist corporate power? What have been the blindspots and missing pieces in our strategy and tactics up to this point? And what is the alternative that we want to build instead?

For our very first event representatives of two frontline communities – from both Groningen and Nigeria – will share the story of their struggle against Royal Dutch Shell. Moreover we will talk tactics with the spokesperson of the coalition that is currently bringing Shell to court for its involvement in one of the biggest corruption cases in history and we will show you some emails from Shell that were leaked.


Coert Fossen
Coert Fossen is bestuurslid van de Groninger Bodem Beweging. Hij is Adviseur bodembeheer van beroep. Zjin motivatie om lid te zijn bij GBB beschrijft hij zo: “Wat mij drijft is het onrecht dat in Groningen plaatsvindt. Partijen halen onze bodem leeg en vernielen dit mooie Groningse cultuurlandschap, de monumenten, onze huizen en ons als mens om geldelijk gewin en de overheid werkt daar net zo hard aan mee! Een overheid die haar burgers hoort te beschermen! Ik ben van mening dat we, alleen door als burgers samen een vuist te maken, deze gaskolonie uiteindelijk kunnen ontmantelen. Daarom zet ik me in voor de GBB op alle terreinen die we tot onze beschikking hebben: actie, overleg, politieke beïnvloeding en juridische strijd.”

Olarenwaju Suraju
Olarenwaju Suraju is a leading Nigerian anticorruption and environmental activist, chair of the country’s Civil Society Network Against Corruption, He also chairs the Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA), a non-governmental organization that promotes transparency, accountability, inclusion and responsiveness in governance, in partnership with local, international and multilateral institutions. HEDA conducts research, policy advocacy, training, as well as citizens’ awareness and mobilization on core human development issues, including agriculture, food security, climate change, human rights, public sector accountability and electoral reform processes.

Nicholas Hildyard
Nicholas Hildyard is a founder and Director of The Corner House, a U.K. research and advocacy group focusing on human rights, the environment, and development. Before forming The Corner House, he was co-editor of an environmental magazine The Ecologist from 1976 to 1997. Hildyard served as Director of the Ilisu Dam Campaign. He has been a spokesperson of the coalition that is currently bringing Shell to court for its involvement in the biggest corruption case in corporate history.

Paula has been involved for several year in Code Rood and is now also active in the Shell Must Fall! campaign

The event takes place at Saturday June 15, 07:00pm – 09:00pm in the Groninger Forum, Hereplein 73, 9711 GD Groningen, Netherlands. Facebook event page:

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