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Energy giant #RWE demands 50.000 Euro from #EndeGelaende activist for a tweet

In 8 days the Ende Gelaende action days will start in the German Rhineland region (German territory). Energy giant RWE is reacting increasingly nervous because of the massive resistance against the Garzweiler and Hambach open pit mines in the region. After RWE took legal action against Ende Gelaende spokeswoman Kathrin Herreberger last month, the company now demands 50.000 Euro compensation from Ende Gelaende activist Daniel Hofinger.

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RWE demands 50.000 euros from coal critic Daniel Hofinger ++ “Danger to freedom of expression” ++ Massive climate protests expected in the Rhineland region

Bonn (German territory), June 11, 2019 – Energy corporation RWE is demanding a fine of 50.000 euro from 24-year-old Daniel Hofinger. The student publicly declared that civil disobedience against coal mining is necessary in view of the climate crisis. Hofinger is active in the action alliance Ende Gelaende, which is planning sit-in blockades in the Rhenish lignite mining area from June 19 to 24. Last summer, he already had to commit himself in a so-called cease-and-desist declaration not to enter RWE’s premises again. RWE justifies the punishment with the fact that Hofinger encouraged others to protest by making statements on Twitter and at an information event.

“RWE attacks fundamental rights to silence critics. My case is only the tip of the iceberg. People unwilling to resettle in the Rhenish region and other committed people are also systematically put under pressure. If corporations want to determine what can be said in public, then freedom of expression is in danger,” Hofinger comments on the demand.

Thorsten Deppner, attorney of Hofinger, comments: “The procedure is certainly unique in this form. Recently, RWE has been resorting to ever more drastic threatening gestures to protect its fossil business model. This development has reached its climax here with an attack on the freedom of expression.”

Hofinger let the first deadline set by RWE pass without paying. “RWE will not see a cent of me. Freedom of expression is priceless!”

In a crowdfunding campaign, Hofinger now wants to collect 50,000 euros to support climate protests. In addition to his own lawyer’s fees, the money will benefit other activists in particular. The petition to sign “Now is the time for basic rights”, in which RWE is called upon to refrain from taking legal action against Hofinger, is also being launched today.

In May, the press spokeswoman of Ende Gelaende, Kathrin Henneberger, was asked to sign a cease-and-desist declaration. In a speech at RWE’s shareholders’ meeting, she had criticized the company’s climate-damaging coal mining. According to Henneberger, she is determined to continue to publicly advocate the actions of Ende Gelaende.

From June 19 to 24, the Action Alliance End Gelaende calls for the sixth time for mass civil disobedience in the Rhenish lignite mining area. Thousands of people from all over Europe are expected to stand up for climate justice.

Ende Gelaende, June 11, 2019



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