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#Amelisweerd, #Netherlands: I’m gonna go up the tree

Netherlands: Amelisweerd is a beautiful manor on the outskirts of Utrecht, with centuries-old beeches and the babbling Kromme Rijn ( curvy Rhine, a river), loved by anyone who wants to escape the noise of the city for a while. But Amelisweerd is threatened. The government wants to broaden the A27 highway, which runs right through the area. For this purpose, more than 800 trees, including monumental trees, have to be cut down. In addition, the expansion of the highway will lead to more air pollution, more CO2 and more noise.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Translated by Enough 14.


The construction of the A27 right through Amelisweerd was accompanied by large-scale resistance and protests in the eighties. Hundreds of opponents of the construction of the road organized a forest occupation but eventually lost the battle. The current plans to broaden the highway are also met with widespread resistance. The inhabitants of the city of Utrecht do not want more tarmac. We want this expansion to be abandoned. Implement a maximum speed of 80 km/h on the Utrecht Ring Road. And invest now in close-knit public transport and cycling routes. This will result in better traffic flow, less pollution and less noise, and the forest and thousands of other trees will be saved. In addition, it is much cheaper!


We want to stop this nonsensical plan. We want to send out a strong signal by showing that many people are prepared to take action. A signal that politicians cannot ignore. That is why we are looking for at least 800 climbers who publicly declare that they will go up the tree when the decision is final.


Do you like climbing? You want to feel like a kid again? You want to contribute to the protection of the beautiful Amelisweerd? We’ve got something for you!

We’re organizing a tree climbing workshop on June 15 as part of our campaign against the detrimental plans to broaden the highway, with all its destructive consequences for the trees in Amelisweerd. We have experienced climbers to teach us how to become successful tree climbers. Previous climbing experience can be useful but is not necessary, all climbing levels are welcome!

If you want to participate in this workshop, you can sign up on our website: More information will be sent by email.

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