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#Lucerne, Swiss territory: Action against deportation

Swiss Territory: Deportations make you sad and angry. Deportations happen here and now. Last Sunday, for example, in Lucerne, where a group of people furiously stood in the way in solidarity.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

On Sunday afternoon, June 9th, a father of three children was deported in Lucerne after the newly-elected government councillor Paul Winiker decided not to wait for the verdict of the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, which would have protected the family and advocated that they stay together.

Deportation is trauma,
Deportation tears families apart.
Destroys people. Is murder.

In order to take a clear stand against the constantly intensifying, abysmally inhuman asylum policy, a group stood in the way of the prisoner van, which was to drive the man to the airport. People put all their strength into lifting themselves against the vehicle, knocked on the windows, stretched banners with messages of solidarity and let all the neighbours know loudly what was going on here.

When the car was allowed to drive after some time during a growing police presence, the group spontaneously went for a walk in the neighbourhood. The police didn’t let them go for long and kettled the peaceful walkers with a massive presence, threatening them with rubber bullets although there were children with them. All those present were forced to undergo an identity check, and one person was arrested arbitrarily and harshly.

What remains is anger about people believing they can decide about others. And the encouraging feeling of not being alone with our anger.
What also remains is the experience that the police cannot control everything and are therefore vulnerable.

Deportations are inhumane. Deportations make you sad and angry. Deportations happen here and now. We wish the deported man, the family and all people in the claws of the state much strength.

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