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German territory: AFD at #FridaysForFuture #Darmstadt demonstration

German territory, Darmstadt: The fascist AFD party is not only known for their racist and neoliberal agenda, but also full of climate change deniers. On the same day, June 14, that AFD politician Alice Weidel stated that the sun is responsible for climate change, two AFD members marched with Fridays For Future in Darmstadt. The local Fridays For Future organisation team in Darmstadt refused to remove the AFD members from their Fridays For Future demo. They claimed that they vould not do that “on legal grounds”. Students that were marching at the demo interfered and removed the fascists themselves.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Today, June 14th, there was an incident at the Fridays For Future Demo in Darmstadt.

Around 11:15am, diligent antifascist students discovered two AFD members, Sascha Loppnow and Roland Sauer in the front part of the demonstration. One of them wore a blue party shirt. They were then asked if they were from the AFD, they confirmed. Therefore they were politely asked to leave the demo immediately. The two neo-fascists did not want to leave the climate justice strike. It came as it had to come, the news that two AFDers were on our climate demo spread with lightning speed. The bystanders chanted slogans together which demanded the immediate departure of the two. They were obviously not wanted. Thanks to the pressure of the strikers, the two of them took some steps away from the demo, but made it clear to us that they wanted to continue marching.

This announcement was confirmed, some time later they tried to join the demo again. When a small group of protestors made a loud critical statement against an AFD member, the police finally decided to intervene in the situation. However, only the personal details of the AFD member Roland Sauer and those of an anti-fascist were demanded, and not the removal from the strike demo demanded by the protestors. Meanwhile Sascha Loppnow sneaked himself into the middle of the demonstration where he was received loudly.
Thereupon, several people asked the organization to remove the two of them from the demonstration, but they could not do so due to “legal reasons” (Which is not correct, the person that registered the demo has so-called “domestic authority” and can exclude people from a demonstration when they have other goals pr are a “security” threat. This is one of the reasons why antifascists cannot organize actions within fascist demos on the German territory, at least not legally, Enough 14) . Because of the lack of reaction of the organization, antifascist students decided to push the two of them out of the demonstration.

Sascha Loppnow (former chairman of the young Alternative Hessen – jungen Alternative Hessen, the youth organisation of the fascist AFD party) is computer science student and chairman of the AfD Darmstadt-Dieburg, who hit an antifascist with a comrade to the ground in October last year and then sprayed pepper spray in the face of the girl lying on the ground.

We demand that Fridays for Future show a clear line against racism, sexism, queer hostility (Roland Sauer: “Are you gay or why are you coming too close to me”) and far right extremism.

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