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Brazilian territory: Anarchist call for the #14J general strike

Brazilian territory: Anarchist call for the general strike on Friday June 14.

Originally published by Rede de Informações Anarquistas Facebook page. Image above by @cmi_saopaulo 

The world watches the rise of the far right to power with glances lost amid so much misinformation. It could not be different in Brazil, where we still live in a post-colonial period with dominant forces related to hate speech that attack the liberty and libertarian thoughts as a whole. This country suffers with the erasing of its many cultural identities for centuries, so it´s not a matter of pointing out some novelty here. But it must be understood that the imposition of the ruling classes has never been silent or permissive, as many seem to believe amid so much unbelief and paralysis.

The gunpowder lit in 2013 owes its fuse to the many bloody revolts that we, the ones exploited, have faced since the arrival of the settlers, and unlike the institutional reformist left says, the protofascist seeds has been cultivated for decades and decades with government policies coming from social democracy and self called leftists, an dnot by thestreet insurrection in 2013, as the left-wing supporters who insist on saying that the fall of their leaders have been blamed was the massive popular organization in this period as well as the rise of fascism in the parents. And if the recent memory brings us back to this emblematic year, perhaps it is because in the streets, in the avenues and nights of barricade, we can glimpse a possibility, an alternative to fight against what is put as status quo. It never started that year, but it never even finished after that. We see comrades and comrades surrendered to the conformity of Bolsonaro times in the presidency of the republic, and the new (and old) fascists openly parading their practices of terror throughout society. Indeed, even in the most peripheral spaces of the most industrialized capitals and cities, we have never seen an explosion of violence, hatred, and strife as expressive as we now see. This barbarism, so well prophesied by Rosa Luxemburg in her writings, does not happen without reason or for simple errors of public management. Barbarism is the fruit of the class system that, year after year, takes root ever deeper in the mentality of the Brazilian people. It is necessary to hate yourself, to the product that we become thanks to the process of exploitation and permanent destitution of a society hostage to global capital. Such hatred fosters estrangement, marked individualization, the false idea of the ineffectiveness of all that is called social. Even in this sense, the government of Jair Bolsonaro publicly exposes, every day, his complete denial of social ideologies.

In the wake of the project of destroying Brazil as an independent country of the economic games of dominant agendas, we find another attack on the people: the welfare reform. It is no mere accident that we see the dismantling of public education reaching alarming levels as we approach the last votes over the pension reform funding. The government that defends a country project that is only a colony of developed countries needs to attack public education, especially public universities, because it’s exactly in this place that free thinking find ways to strengthen and create alternatives to the totalitarian discourses that today spread as pollen throughout the Brazilian territory. The perversion is to turn such a serious debate into a smokescreen to keep the shackles about welfare reform over total control behind the scenes of power. Moreover, we should not be fooled into believing that the business press is on the side of the exploited; it is quite the opposite. If today, companies such as Rede Globo maintains a systematic attack on the government and demonstrate doubt on the articulation over the capacity to force the approval of the pension reform, it is precisely because the audience of this conflict is on the interest of these communication companies. It is obvious that they advocate a reform that will benefit large corporations in detriment of society. However, these same corporations understand that they can profit both in the way of approval and in the way of the false opposition statements. Rede Globo does not care if the extreme right or the institutional left are fighting; the important thing is their clashes. In addition to this, the exploited population remains lost in clouds of information and false affirmations, increasing their hatred for collectivities and their distance from social struggles.

It is precisely because of the briefly presented questions that we believe in the need for the anarchists keep trying in the constant insertion on social circles of struggle against the exploitation of governments and the latent fascism of the Brazilian extreme right. It is not through isolation or through some self-imposed exile that we will be able to break the bubble created by the capitalist media and the fake news bombardment of pro-Bolsonaro groups. Understanding the facts and the popular support isn’t reflected in like buttons or demonstrations of interest in Facebook events. It is necessary to reinvent the anarchist militancy in Brazil and to return to the understanding that anarchism is built in the everyday life of the workers. It is necessary to retrace the path towards basic works, but not with the false fantasies of phantom organizations. Having a base means belonging. It is necessary to understand that the anarchist only exercises his practices if he is in constant dialogue with the population, even if that means to be alone in the middle of so many different opinions and speeches. Moreover, let it be clear: this is not the same as opening a channel for dialogue with fascists, because it has understood here that the dialogue defended is with the exploited people, exhausted of so much oppression and who longs for the struggle against the dominant system.

Here is an anarchist call for the construction of the general strike. We understand that this process isn´t done in a timely manner, nor do we believe that a few weeks will be enough for an expressive strike. However, silence is not an option for those who believe in everything we have said so far. And if the 14th of June is already set as one more chance, then we must embrace such a call and organize ourselves beyond it. We make a call here for the barricades, for the sabotage, for the construction of the social war against the classes that dominate and corrode the structures of Brazilian society. We call here the anarchists for the struggle, the permanent work for the liberation of the exploited!

Let us smash fascism!

May governments fear anarchy again!

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