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Corporations and police: Hands off our emancipation #notmypride

Strong in Diversity? A look at Pride Zurich this year again shows that the neo-liberal diversity policy of the current event committee never means all of us and will never mean all of us if we leave our supposed emancipation to companies and institutions instead of organizing ourselves in solidarity from below.

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

The fact that criticism of the organizers and anti-capitalist perspectives are not tolerated at the Zurich Pride is shown by the fact that state repression is increasing from year to year. After last year’s violent arrests of queer activists from the parade, a small group today called for a militant Stonewall block, and not even made it to the official meeting place, Helvetiaplatz. They were inspected by the police, banners and flyers were confiscated, and all were expelled with a district ban.

The memory of the Stonewall riot, which was to be understood as an insurrection against racist, homophobic and transophobic police violence and as a fundamental criticism of the system, is today captured by companies and institutions in order to position themselves tolerant, open and modern on the one hand and to sell their products or their good image to the queer community on the other.

In the tradition of Stonewall, we want to show solidarity with all those who today are still marginalized, excluded and oppressed from the capitalist organized society and targeted by police violence. For this reason, a banner with the inscription “Rainbow Capitalism? Not a Riot? Cops in Pride? #Not my Pride” was hung from the Opera House Terrace.
We do not want partial recognition by organizations that are still hostile to many of us. We want a movement from below:

Anti-capitalist! Anti-racist! Queer-feminist!

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