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#EndeGelaende blocked #Hambach and #Garzweiler coal tracks and shut down open pit mine

Garzweiler (German territory): The north-south coal track of RWE’s Garzweiler open pit mine is blocked since two days now, the open pit mine itself was also shut down. Yesterday thousands of activists also blocked the coal tracks of the Hambach open pit mine (near Hambacher Forest).

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtel. Images by Ende Gelaende.

The excavators in the Garzweiler open pit mine have been at a standstill for hours and hours now. Yesterday afternoon thousands of activists tookt the streets again after more than 40.000 people came to the Fridays For Future demo in Aachen, Germany, on Friday.

Many anticapitalists joined Fridays demo in Aachen, with an anticapitalist finger marching towards the Fridays For Future demo and then joined the main demo. Activists of the #OsterholzBleibt campaign also joined the demo in Aachen. In the morning hours cops had shut down Viersen train station on Friday, preventing several thousand people to join the Fridays For Futures demo and preventing others from going to the Garzweiler open pit mine.

At the starting point of the anti-capitalist finger on Friday, many cops were already there for hours as the demo started. Helicopter in the air, the usual intimidating prgram. But it didn’t work. The demo was loud and the mood was determined. During Fridays demo in Aachen a building was squatted: #SquatForFuture. An overkill of hundreds of riot cops evicted the building after a standoff of several hours. But not before they detained two people with an agressive and violent action. Because the whole squatting action was very peaceful, it was totally unclear why cops suddenly chased one person and in the end detained the two, beating several people during the chase. The two people who got detained where screaming from the pain.

During the events in Aachen on Friday, several hundred climate activists occupied the tracks of a coal trainline, thus cutting off the supply line of Germanys largest coal power plants Neurath and Niederaussen. Several thousand activists were on their way to interrupt coal infrastructure at other places. The north-south coal track of the Garzweiler open pit mine transport coal these power plants.

On Saturday hundreds of activists managed to flow through police lines, about 1000 climate justice activists have shut down the Garzweiler open pit mine. All excavators are standing still. At the same time other activists blocked the coal train tracks of the Hambach open pit mine. In the night hours activists also occupied on of the excavators in Garzweiler.

At the moment, Sunday 10:00 am local time, cops start to clear the blockade of the north-south coal tracks, after it has been blocked for two days. But with all the efforts to criminalize and divide the climate justice movement in the past weeks, German police could not stop several thousand activists from shutting down coal infrastructure this weekend.

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