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#EndeGelaende ended blockades after 48 hours

German territory: Coal operations in Rhineland coalfield shut down after mass actions of civil disobedience.

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Viersen, June 23, 2019

After three days Ende Gelände is ending a mass action against coal mining. More than 6,000 people blocked key places of the RWE’s mining operations in the Rhineland coalfield. Since Friday activists occupied tracks which are the supply line of Germany’s biggest power plant Neurath. Yesterday thousands of activists entered the Garzweiler mine and stopped coal excavators. At the same time as Ende Gelände actions were happening, about 8,000 people joined a demonstration by NGOs and local initiatives in solidarity with villages threatened by coal mining. On Friday, 40,000 students marched on a climate strike in Aachen. Ende Gelände demands an immediate coal-phase out and fundamental system change. 

“We made history. The movement has never been so diverse and determined. Time is pressing: The climate crisis demands an immediate coal phase–out. Because politicians are failing we are stopping the diggers ourselves”, says Nike Malhaus, press spokesperson for Ende Gelände.

During the actions the police massively violated civil rights. Activists were held for more than 13 hours. They were not allowed to march on the demonstration for which they had a permit. The police prevented food and water supply for the activists for hours. 

 “It is absurd that the government uses so much time and energy to fight against our legitimate protest. If the government would use half as much energy for fighting climate change, we wouldn’t have to be here”, says Kathrin Henneberger, press spokeswoman of Ende Gelände.

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