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Anarchist and former political prisoner Alexander Frantskevich was deported from #Ukraine to #Belarus

Anarchist and former political prisoner Alexander Frantskevich was deported from Ukraine to Belarus (  On 18 June in the evening he went to the migration service to apply for an extended permit and at 04.40 pm he didn’t answer anymore. Already at three oclock in the morning he was deported to Belarus.

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It is not known what could happen to Alexander in Belarus – local police thinks that he is an active participant in the anarchist movement and it publishes repeated threats in the social networks against him. In addition, the Russian FSB, which cooperates with the Belarusian police, may be interested in Alexander.

The Russian police has also published his data after the capture of the Russian anarchists telegram-channel “Prometheus” in November last year (“Prometheus” is a telegram-channel of the anarchist movement “Narodnaja samooborona” in Russia, which is classified as an extremist organization).

Thus, despite of the hostility and disagreements the security services of all three countries (Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus) willingly work together in the fight against anarchists.

Alexander Frantskevich he was convicted in 2011 for three years for the case of attacks on administrative buildings in Minsk.

Alexander told to Belarusian “Radio Svaboda” that he was beaten by the SBU (The Security Service of Ukraine) and deported to Belarus ( According to his words he wanted to receive a residence permit in the migration service and at the entrance he met the SBU officers. Although he told them that he was going to apply for political asylum and by law they don’t have right to deport (especially since he had a residence permit), the SBU officers said that he was associated with local anarchists and represent a threat for the national security of Ukraine.

Alexander was also accused of “giving bed to the wrong people”. Allegedly, there are indications that the Russian anarchist Vyacheslav Lukichev, who is suspected of attacking the Nazi in Kiev, was staying by him. After that the officer beat Alexander and took him to the border with Belarus. He was beaten three times and also for refusing to unlock his phone. The blocked phone was eventually withdrawn and not returned. The police also used methods of strangulation.

Alexander connects the deportation with the “order” from the Belarusian security what repeatedly threaten him. Now Alexander is in Belarus and at the moment he is not detained.

Please, spread this information and remember that solidarity and the publicity of such cases is our weapon against states brutality and repressions.

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