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Athens: Anarchist refugee “Abtin Parsa” was injured by bullet of Greek cops

Today morning, 14 July 2019, a anarchist refugee was injured by bullet of cops during a clash between anarchists and Greek cops in the neighbourhood of exarchia, Athens.

Submitted to Enough 14.

He says: I felt very strong burning on my arm, fist I thought that it’s not important but when I saw the blood, I have changed my opinion. I cleared the blood of my arm and continued the struggle against cops. My body was warm but after a while, my arm started to getting much more pain, even I couldn’t move my hand anymore. Comrades brought me to house, which was near and they started to wash and dressing the wound. Fortunately, the bullet was not inside my arm and the wound was not very serious.
Last year, July 2018, the Greek cops Kidnapped “Abtin Parsa” and tortured him; under torture, one of his backbones was broken and his ribs got a very serious damage.

The Greek fascist government, which had come to power from a few days, promised that will destroy the resistance of exarchia and make the exarchia similar with other neighborhoods of Athens. We warn the Greek regime that even with the massacre of all of us, you can not destroy the resistance because resistance is an idea for our life and no one can destroy the ideas.

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