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No Border Camp: Action on #NATO and #TNO premises in #TheHague

No Border Camp is taking action on the premises of of NATO and TNO in The Hague – playing the Waalsdorpervlakte bell to commemorate refugees who have died.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Translated by Enough 14.

The Hague, August 4, 2019 – At 11 o’clock, approximately 80 activists from the No Border Camp are carrying out various actions on and around the TNO and NATO Communications and Information Agency sites in The Hague (Oude Waalsdorperweg 61-63). The actions are a protest against the involvement of NATO and TNO in the militarisation of borders and contributing to the reasons why people have to flee. The activists try to enter the terrain, climb buildings and hang banners. Early this morning, five people were arrested on or around the TNO site.

At the gate of NATO there are people with banners and leaflets. In addition, they are playing the sound of the nearby bell on the Waalsdorpervlakte, alternating with reading out the long list of refugees who have died as a result of European migration policy.

EU Member States and so-called third countries, often with the help of EU funding, are providing more and more military resources for border surveillance. This is forcing migrants to take increasingly dangerous routes, forcing them increasingly into the hands of criminal human trafficking networks, and forcing migrants to die at the borders of Europe and beyond.

NATO’s military policy, and in particular military interventions, contribute to war, violence, repression, food shortages, etc. They feed the reasons that force people to flee. At the same time, NATO is also playing an increasingly important role in stopping refugees at Europe’s borders. NATO ships and the Frontex operation Poseidon are there to stop refugees at sea between Turkey and Greece. And the NATO mission Sea Guardian was closely involved in Operation Sophia, the first openly military EU operation to stop refugees off the coast of Libya.

Research institute TNO is one of the largest recipients of EU funding for research and development of new technologies for border control. In addition, TNO has been closely involved in opening up umbrella EU research funding programmes (Framework Programmes), initially for security research and now also for military research. The institute is also a member of the European Organisation for Security, the most important lobby organisation of the European security industry.

The No Border Camp in Wassenaar started last Thursday. On that day, participants in the camp distributed leaflets to the staff of the head office of the Netherlands Red Cross in The Hague, aimed at opposing the cooperation of the International Red Cross with arms manufacturer Airbus. On Friday, the Vrije Bond took action at the temporary employment agency OTTO in The Hague, because of the exploitation of migrant workers. Yesterday a noise demonstration was held at the Rotterdam/The Hague Airport detention centre, in solidarity with the refugees detained there. The No Border activists stand for a world without borders, with freedom of movement for everybody.

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