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#Argentina: 2 Years Since the Disappearance and Murder of Anarchist Compañero #SantiagoMaldonado

A statement by some anarchists, 2 years after anarchist Santiago Maldonado dissapeared and was murdered.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Anarchists Wordlwide.

Exist / Resist

Two years have passed since the gendarmerie entered a piece of land, far away, where a Mapuche community still lives today, and started shooting. They entered shooting because this piece of land had an owner, an owner who had a huge amount of properties, and it bothered him that there were people who occupied one of them. That was the justification for the State to enter with its bullets, for torture and persecution, for imprisonment, for death.

It seems frivolous to take to the streets on this date, as if a couple of numbers on a calendar makes more sense than any other couple of numbers when it comes to gathering, but at no time during these past years have we forgotten Lechu. We try in some way, to continue “the struggle”, fancy words that we sometimes use to mean solidarity and direct action.

Because that is what was happening in Cushamen, solidarity and direct action. That’s why Lechuga was there, sharing and supporting a struggle that is no stranger to us, the struggle for life and dignity, against the State and private property.

During this time, the State continued to fulfill its role, with more prisoners, even though the prisons are collapsing, with more vigilance and control, with more police on the streets willing to kill to defend the property of others. In two years the State accumulated several more deaths, killed in the barrios, prisons and police stations.

The other arm of the State, the political parties, continued to do their job as well, pacifying and channeling the anger towards their ballot boxes.

From the first moment they acted like police pointing at people while shouting “infiltrators” or protecting the church and the police from attack and today they continue to play the game of the good citizen.

Left-wing parties and the progressive sectors call on people to participate in this voluntary civic service that is the electoral circus because know that when they stop channeling the anger that it explodes and forges bonds of solidarity that can go against their interests. They call on “the youth”, who are modern and think that violence is a thing of the past, to register and vote for them, protest must be a party. A party of democracy.

Recently, someone who knows what it means to lose someone at the hands of the State said that “there are times when we have to destroy the world to build it again”, but today it seems that all we have to do is bow our heads and accept. They killed Lechu, in the same way that Rafael, La China, Maxi, Dario, Mariano, Luciano and so many others were murdered…and they want to make us believe that what we have to do is to demand justice from those who killed them. What we have to do is go out and destroy the world. We do not ask or demand anything!

Some Anarchists

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