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Global Climate Strike – September 27 protest in The Hague

This is a call to action for all people, parents and kids, students and working people, retirees and grandparents: to join the first general strike for the climate on the 27th of September. Leave your schools and your offices, the universities and the stores and take to the streets with us in The Hague.

Originally published by IndymediaNL.

The current climate agreement is not enough, it’s not just enough and it’s not in accordance with the Urgenda verdict. We demand a Dutch Green New Deal with fair and ambitious climate policy to tackle the climate crisis effectively.

This climate strike is being organised by a large coalition of organizations in the Netherlands and is part of the largest international climate mobilization in history. Building on the successful youth strikes which started almost a year ago, young people and adults will strike together for the first time to demand a livable and just world, for now and for the future.

We are calling on everyone to join. Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed. Share this event with your classmates, colleagues, fellow students, and family, call and message your friends! Together we will make the climate strike massive!

Fridays For Future Netherlands – Earth Strike NL – Extinction Rebellion
NL – Code Rood – Fossiel Vrij NL – Jongeren milieu actief (JMA) –
Teachers for Climate NL – Students for Climate NL

**Looking for partners and volunteers**

We will need all the help we can get in the coming weeks. Pupils and students, bus drivers, farmers, organizations … Join in and help make the climate strike the biggest ever. Register your organization as a partner or volunteer at:

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