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After parliamentary elections in #Greece: new government threatens #RefugeesGR

The new Greek government ist threatening squats and the anarchist movement on the Greek territory. In particular the free spaces in the Exarchia neighbourhood in Athens. Migrants are also under even more pressure comparing to the last government. Let’s not forget that it was the Syriza government who started the first wave of evictions of migrant squats.

Originally published by the Cars of Hope collective. Image above: Refugees in the Moria Camp, Lesvos (Picture: Cars of Hope)

Greek parliamentary elections took place on July 7, 2019. The conservative party “Nea Demokratia” won the elections and formed a new government. For refugees who are staying in Greece, the climate will become even rougher.

A decision by the new Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Jiannis Vroutsis, already gives a taste of what is to come: one of his first official acts repeals the Syriza government’s regulation to facilitate access to the social security system for refugees and other migrants. This decision is entirely in line with what Adonis Georgadis, the hardliner from the far right wing of the ruling party (and the new Minister for Economic Development and Investment), said during the election campaign: one has to “make life as difficult as possible for refugees so that they understand that they are unwanted in our country and should leave again”. ( EfSyn of 15 July 2019)

In Greece, many refugees still live in completely overcrowded camps such as Moria on Lesbos. Others live on the streets in cities like Athens and Thessaloniki. But many refugees also live in squatted houses in Athens. The new Greek government announced immediately after taking office that it will evict these (and other) houses. Many of these squatted houses are located in the Exarchia district, where there was hardly any police until the beginning of the year. There refugees could live without fear of constant police controls. That, too, is supposed to change now.

We do not yet know what this new political situation means for our work with refugees in Greece. Our planned project to open a women’s shelter for female refugees in Athens is delayed. We want to wait and see if the project is still feasible under the new government. Nevertheless, we will continue our work with refugees on the Balkan route, including Greece.

In the next two months we will become active again in Greece. There we will again distribute food, hygiene articles and other things that people need in everyday life. In addition there is also a request from Tuzla (Bosnia), whether we will be able to do this as well, will be decided in the coming week.

We thank all the people who have supported us so far and ask you to continue to support our work with refugees. Your support arrives one to one and we need every cent urgently.

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Cars of Hope, August 13, 2019.

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