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#Quebec, #Laval: 22 August – Protest the New Migrant Prison

Call for action against the new migrant prison in Laval (Quebec) by Solidarity Across Borders.

Originally published by Solidarity Across Borders.

Join us for the first of a series of public actions in opposition to the new Laval migrant prison! These actions will take place on Thursdays at noon at various locations, culminating in a multi-city day of action on October 3rd.

The new Laval migrant prison is part of a $138 million investment into Canada’s migrant detention system under the National Immigration Detention Framework (NIDF), a new policy announced in 2016. The NIDF provides for the construction of two new migrant prisons along with expanded carceral technologies to supervise and control migrants outside these facilities.

On Aug 22nd, we will be gathering in front of the Val-David headquarters of Tisseur Inc for a family-friendly, public, information-picket. Tisseur was recently awarded a $50 million contract to oversee construction of the new Laval prison, with initial work already begun.

Companies like Tisseur are eager to help build the infrastructure of an anti-migrant future but we have a vision of the future of our own. It does not include detention, borders, or prisons and we are calling for help to realise it.

To join us on August 22nd: we’ll be driving together from Montreal, so email to reserve your place and find out the meet up place. We’ll be meeting at 10am to arrive at noon and return to Montreal no later than 4pm. If you have a car you can bring or lend, please let us know, as well as the number of seats you can offer.

No borders, no prisons, status for all!


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