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#Wuppertal: Osterholz Forest Occupied!

Wuppertal, German territory: After weeks of protests the Osterholz forest is now occupied.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt. Translated by Enough 14.

Wuppertal. Today , August 15, we occupied the Osterholz forest. This year the Oetelshofen company would like to start destroying 5 hectares of forest. Beside 140 years old beeches many animal species live in the Osterholz. Among them among other things the fire salamander which is under strict protection and other species which are also under protection. The forest is not supposed to give way for the mining of their dirty limestone, but for their garbage dump.

The world’s largest rainforest continues to be deforested by Bolsonaro (the far-right Brazilian president) to ensure our meat and soy consumption and even expanded through the Mercosur Agreement. Whether Amazonas, Osterholz or the Hambach Forest, time and time again, forests are uprooted for companies and corporations. The Oetelshofen limestone company says that it is too expensive to store their garbage in another place.

We live in a society in which nature always gets the short end of the stick. In this perfidious game, companies abuse their employees as chess pieces. Our economic order pushes the employees into a dependency in which they are dependent on their jobs because they have to pay bills. Wherever people look, they encounter advertising. Whether on television, on billboards, in newspapers or on websites, everywhere they are animated to buy the newest, most beautiful and fastest in order to have a social appearance which they often cannot afford. The result are debts, which drive them into an even stronger dependence. Oetelshofen is also playing off its employees against the preservation of nature.

This type of economic order and its competitive principle is also one of the causes of excessive overproduction. One of the consequences is our throw-away society today. The resulting exploitation of plants, animals and humans has brought us into the situation we find ourselves in today. With this system we destroy our very basis of life.

Many people may think that a forest occupation is a radical action, but in view of the fact that climate change is progressing and politicians are not acting, we feel compelled to carry out this action. In the last few weeks, politicians of CDU and SPD have been loudly speaking, saying that climate protection should not cost too much and certainly not at the expense of the economy. This means nothing else that, apart from minor “corrections”, nothing can be expected from the so-called climate cabinet. Because of this real changes can only come from the people themselves.

That’s why we’re gonna fight for Osterholz, because: Every tree counts!

We are willing to voluntarily leave the Osterholz forest if the plans for deforestation will be abandoned.

We send solidarity greetings to the Hambach forest, all villages remain, No More Hectare and to all people who have declared war on climate change and actively fight against the destruction of nature.

Jeder Baum Zählt (Every tree counts), August 2019.

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