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Greek court: Three months jail plus 180€ fine for ex-political prisoner anarchist refugee “Abtin Parsa”

Monday the 12th of August 2019, comrade “Abtin Parsa” was walking alone in neighborhood of patisia, Athen, when cops arrested him. They searched him and found a paper cutter at him and that was enough for the cops to accuse our comrade for carrying weapon.

Submitted to Enough 14. This text was also published here:

Cops moved him to the police station of attiki and then to the police station of GADA. On Tuesday the 13th of August at 16:00, the court happened for him, while our comrade denied to give fingerprint to the cops.
Comrade Abtin Parsa said in the court: stop and search me as an immigrant had racism opinions behind of that, since it happens to all the immigrants here and it’s a common pain not personal; our comrade said that Greek state and cops are try to criminalize immigrants but the reality is that the criminals are cops who killed 15 years old alexis grigoropoulos, it’s cops who are dangerous for our society not Immigrants.

Court stopped our comrade to finish his political statement and severally asked: what is your political group and why you was making banner at university of polytechnio. Court said: the cops and court behave with Greeks and immigrants is similar.

Finally court decided to give our comrade Abtin Parsa 3 months jail (on probation) and 180 euros to pay. If our comrade get arrest again in 3 years he must go to prison for 3 months except what will be decided in trial of new accusation. He left the court free with his lawyer.

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