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#Wiesbaden: Solidary Greetings to the #OsterholzBleibt Occupation

German territory. Statement from Wiesbaden in solidarity with the forest occupiers in the Osterholz Wald in Wuppertal: Osterholz Remains (Osterholz Bleibt)!

Originally published by Leftwing Rheingau Facebook page.

Solidary greetings to the ocupation in #Osterholz remains.
A part of the forest near Wuppertal is recently occupied, because by the end of the year 5 hectares of the forest for a so-called “waste dump” or in other words a “garbage dump” should give way. The Osterholzer Wald is a species-rich forest area in which ecologically valuable and rare landscape elements such as, for example, flow springs or sinkholes (collapse funnel from former near-surface caves ) have developed. Instead, a cheap waste storage instead? Not with us! We are solidarizing ourselves with the occupation and all people who fight against greed, capitalism and the associated environmental destruction. #Osterholzbleibt!

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