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Greek consulate in #Nantes attacked after police invasion of #Exarcheia

On August 26 at dawn, the Greek state launched a massive police offensive against the Exarchia district of Athens, with the aim of evicting squats of migrants / anarchists and clearing this neighborhood off anti-authoritarian and anarchist initiatives which have existed for many years.

Originally published by Sans Attendre Demain. Machine translation.

So far, 143 migrants have been detained, three squatters have been arrested and four squats have been evacuated. These acts of hostility by the Greek state are at a record high.

Calls for active solidarity have been launched since this massive repressive operation.

On the night of Wednesday, August 28th to Thursday, August 29th, in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), the Greek Consulate, located on rue Léon-Jost in the north of the city, was attacked with a hammer. Several windows were smashed and a tag was inscribed in the felt, which the press / consulate was happy to content (see below).

“In addition to the bottom of the broken window, two impacts are also visible. According to our sources, the damage was allegedly hammered. A tool that would have been abandoned before the consulate by the perpetrator. “

The attack was claimed by “a wolf” on indymedia nantes, which we repunlish in full below.

[Reformulated from West-France, 29.08.2019]

Claim in support of Exarcheia Somewhere between 28 and 29 August 2019, I broke the window of the Honorary Consulate of Greece, located Rue Léon Jost, and registered with the marker “STOP LAW AND ORDER EXARCHEIA”.

This is a non-violent act.

His detractors will call him violent, as the dominant men always do, since they like to be the the ones who define what actually constitutes violence. While through “law and order”, the transfer of free living exiles to detention centers, with the complicity of the Golden Dawn fascists, is presented as just a law-enforcement operation and a democratic application of laws, this is actually violence. Because a child suddenly becomes homeless, loses the people who surrounded him and made him smile and misses his toys that made him happy and is only haunted by the memories of violence he had to endure throughout his short life. But since the monopoly of legitimate violence is granted to the State, the accomplices of authority will never use this term to define such actions, of freedom deprivation, as violent. According to these accomplices, violence is either popular and illegitimate, or coming from police and legitimate. Never popular and legitimate at the same time.

This was just a spectacle. I decided to burst this window to show that it does not protect an invulnerable entity. Failing to fight directly against the forces wanting to destroy Exarcheia neighborhood, I do it from where I am, where I can reach the end of a tentacle of the current Greek government, in order to make it retract by reflex, by fear, by instinct of survival. If one wants to abolish power, forms of organization of every day life like those exemplified in Exarcheia must be defended by direct action.

I consider the defense of Exarcheia as a means and an end. An end because there are individuals who are hunted down, expelled, ordered to obey, people whom we deny all dignity. A means because Exarcheia is one of the examples that allow me to imagine a world without Authority, a world filled with solidarity that is open and critical of itself and others. But I needed other kinds of imagination to get out of the resignation that the Authority wanted to impose on me all my life.

And if that was not enough, then I’ll come back. Or, another one will come back. Because this was just a warning. And this time it may be that failing to obtain what I want by a non-violent method, then I can only imagine a violent method, in the face of the violence deployed by the Authority, manifesting itself there by the Greek government.

“A Wolf”

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