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A call from the forest – Whether Amazonas, Hambi or Osterholz forest: Every tree counts!

Call: Whether Amazonas, Hambi or Osterholz: Every tree counts!

Demonstration: September 28 – 13:00 hrs (01:00pm) , station forecourt, Wuppertal main train station – Hbf -(German territory)

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt (Every Tree Counts, the Osterholz forest occupation)

A call from the forest

Whether the Osterholz forest is still occupied on September 28th, we do not know. It remains to be seen whether the forest occupation will be evicted or not. We also do not know whether the forest has already been saved. In this case we would voluntarily leave the Osterholz forest. We do not know all this at the present time, when we wrote this call. But what we do know is that we will continue to fight for this beautiful forest.

The Osterholz forest is only one of the areas where trees are to be cut in and around Wuppertal. The name of the action group that occupied the Osterholz forest was not chosen randomly: Every tree counts! After trees on the Wall and Von der Heydt Platz were cut down in Wuppertal Elberfeld in recent years, the old Plane trees are now to be cleared directly on the banks of the Wupper river. In Wuppertal Nächstebreck, trees are to give way for an industrial area. The green strip Kleine Höhe / Asbruch is also to be destroyed. For the extension of the A3 highway, several biotopes between interchange Hilden and interchange Leverkusen are to be eliminated in the coming years…

More and more people have understood that we have to stop a policy that “keeps things going like this”. We need the forest. Not only because forests store a lot of CO2, but also to protect the many creatures that live in the forest. We fight for a beautiful life and against a policy that subjects everything to the logic of profit. The Osterholz forest is to be uprooted, because the storage of the waste that is produced during lime extraction is cheaper there than anywhere else. The company Oetelshofen says that it owns this beautiful forest. The trees and animals that live there live under Oetelshofen’s mercy and their grace period expires soon, if the operators of the limestone pit have their way. In the old world it is self-evident for many human beings that they stand above all other living beings. With this self-understanding they destroy the habitat of trees, plants and animals without flinching. Besides, through this capitalist approach they destroy the climate, something that affects all living beings. Also us human beings. In order to clear their conscience and do greenwashing, they then reforest elsewhere and transport protected animal species to another area. The whole thing is then covered with a green sauce and it doesn’t look so bad anymore. This logic has been used for centuries, the green sauce was added later.

While the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in this country is rightly condemned, it is often forgotten that we have already cleared our primeval forests a long time ago. But this is not enough for the human beings of the old world. While many point their finger at Brazil, they continue to cheerfully deforest in their own regions. Not only in and around Wuppertal. The Hambach forest is literally being dug into by RWE. They try to dry up the forest by moving the excavators ever closer to the forest. Near Würzburg, forest areas near Thüngersheim are to be cleared for the expansion of a limestone quarry. The black/green state government of Hesse would like to clear the Dannenröder Forst and Herrenwald for the current planning of the A 49 highway. In Saarland 3 hectares of forest are to be flattened for an industrial area. In Hamburg Wilhelmshafen a forest is to be harvested for a residential area. And that is by no means all that is to be uprooted in this country. And anyway… why is so much deforestation taking place in the Amazon? There deforestation is taking place for, among other things, soya bean cultivation for our meat industry, which uses it as food for animals. The whole thing is to be boosted and intensified through the Mercosur agreement. The Earth’s lungs will be destroyed for the same profit logic as the forests in this part of the world. Instead of pointing the finger at Brazil, an import stop should be imposed on products from the Amazon and the already deforested areas of this beautiful jungle.

We’re fighting for system change. Against overproduction, instead we need production based on needs. A world where everyone has equal rights, where the environment and living beings have the highest priority, and not only those who own shares or receive trade tax. For a good life for all! At the moment we are fighting this battle in the Osterholz forest, but you can count on us everywhere, because every tree counts!

Jeder Baum Zählt, September 18, 2019

Demonstration: September 28 – 13:00 hrs (01:00pm) , station forecourt, Wuppertal main train station – Hbf -(German territory)

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