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Arson attack on self-managed house project in #Göttingen – Far right graffiti on university campus

Göttingen (German territory). In the night of October 27th to 28th, 2019 there was a fire in the garden of the Göttingen house project Goßlerstraße 17/17a. The clearly perceptible smell of fire accelerants and the far-right graffiti that appeared in the immediate vicinity suggest that the residents of the house were attacked by right-wing arsonists.

Submitted to Enough 14 in German. Translated by Enough 14.

Around 3:00 a.m., the residents of the house who were disturbed from their sleep by the light of the fire noticed that several chairs and parts of a wooden hut and a shelter in the garden were suddenly on fire. The fire damaged several sofas, roof and floor of the shelter. Fortunately, the flames were noticed in time and could be extinguished before they could spread to the entire shelter and other parts of the garden.

In the event of a sudden fire of this size in the middle of the night, arson can be strongly assumed. The residents of the building were able to detect the smell of accelerants on site. The house community has therefore deliberately decided to inform the fire brigade and police in order to confirm the suspicion. The experts called in to investigate the site of the fire also detected the smell of fire accelerants.

Luca Wolf, who lives in the house, explains: “We strongly believe that right-wing perpetrators have been the culprits, since right-wing graffiti and spraying with swastikas appeared on the neighbouring central campus that same night. If there is a connection, the “we come” smeared under the swastika suggests that the perpetrators felt strengthened by the societal shift to the right. This is also reflected in the results of the Thuringian state elections yesterday, Sunday”.

“We are affected and angry. Right-wing symbols and slogans appear again and again in our neighbourhood and violent attacks from the right are increasing in recent years, also in Göttingen. But until now we have seen arson attacks as attempts to intimidate self-managed house projects mainly in Leipzig, Frankfurt or Berlin. Experience shows that right-wing violence is often not taken seriously by the police and authorities,” the resident continues.

Luca Wolf concludes: “This attack is not only directed against our house community and left-wing emancipatory projects in particular, but also against an entire free and solidary society. The right does not leave it at that to create a threat scenery for thinking differently and peoples not corresponding to their world view, but convert their violence fantasies into concrete action. But we do not let ourselves be intimidated, because in times of the societal shift to the right it is more important than ever to stand together in solidarity against xenophobia and fascism.”

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