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#Berlin #Liebig34: Evaluation 02.11.19 – One Struggle, One Fight!

Berlin. On 2.11.19 we, the Liebig34, ran from Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain together with the other projects from Berlin (Syndikat, Potse, Meuterei, Rigaer94, SabotGarten and Köpi) which were threatened with eviction. Three demonstrations started at Köpi and Lausitzer Platz in Kreuzberg as well as at Syndikat in Neukölln and met at Schlesischer Tor for a joint manifestitation. The manifestation was held briefly and filled with contributions on the threatened projects and a situation report from Rojava. Then we walked together through the Friedrichshainer south into the north area.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

Especially at the beginning the demo was loud and full of energy, but the way to Friedrichshain was difficult. Since the area around Warschauer Straße is like a home game for the cops, and the perfect place for access, the plan was to leave this area behind as soon as possible. Unfortunately we had to find out that the demo was more frayed and less closed especially here. It seemed as if the determination was waning, but the further north we went, the more charged the mood of the demonstrators became. House projects and other people from houses and on the street greeted the demo on the way with banner drops, fireworks and other solidarity actions.

When we finally reached Rigaerstraße and passed Rigaer78 and the CG construction site, it became clear that there was absolutely no lack of determination, but only the right moment to escalate. Behind the scenery of red Bengalos and loud punk music the CG construction site was stormed, thrown with paint and stones, the bars torn down and the security house thrown in. Everything that lay around on the construction site could now be thrown at the running policepigs – stones, bottles, traffic signs, e-bikes. We heard the panic screams of the cops, who motivated the demo even more to get the road back. A few luxury cars and a carsharing car were unglassed and Pyro thrown towards the cops. It was a short but violent expression of anger and a threat to the state that the evictions of the projects will demand high prices.

The CG construction site has long been a thorn in the side of the rebellious neighborhood. With the capitalist major investor and disgusting multimillionaire Christoph Gröner at the top, the CG Group is trying to “upgrade” our neighborhood and is building yuppie condominiums in the middle of Rigaerstrasse. We took revenge once more and defended the rebellious neighbourhood.

The first rows and the front block were attacked directly after the moment of the Riots by the cops and had to retreat thereupon. Cops also hit the demonstrators around the Lauti. The rest of the demo could not be stopped however and ran after short interruption up to the Bersarinplatz- unfortunately in the travelling kettle between the cops, who did not dare (more) to let us live out our freedom of assembly without reservation. At the Dorfplatz, we and our Kollektivistas* once again pulled out all in the house: the house lit up the street with banner drops, pyro, loud noise and confetti rain. Further on, at Bersarinplatz, a banner awaited us that read “Wom*nkommittees instead of BRD! Liebig34 stays” demanded.

The demo finally disbanded and people could leave in small groups. Even though the cops had absolutely no control over the previous riots and the first rows could disappear well in all directions, we heard afterwards about arrests and injuries. We want to explain ourselves here again in solidarity with the injured and arrested. Unfortunately the antirepression-structures (EA) was not used, although the arrests were observed according to Twitter locally. Next time: Remember the number of the EA and report arrests if you see them! Please come by and inform us that you are well and if you need support with repression costs or anything else.

Even after the demo people gathered at the „Dorfplatz“ and showed their displeasure – there were barricades burning and the cops were thrown again, so they fucked off the place.
The focus of the repressive organs on, among other things, our demo was used to carry out decentral attacks in Berlin. This concept shows our strength and our unpredictability. Knowing that people have prepared for this evening in different ways encourages us.

The 2.11. was a necessary step in the fight for the defense of the anarchaqueerfeminist house project Liebig34 and against the sellout of our city. The Senate comes into distress, because we do not let the media to get us down. Let us continue!

After the action is before the action!

15.11. 9AM  at Tegler Weg 17



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