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The revolution will not be televised: Working On and Offline on the ground

There is a growing number of insurrections across the planet. After the Gilets Jaunes started their insurrectionary resistance on the French territory, more and more people are resisting against capitalist neoliberal policies and the destruction of nature. As you might have noticed we have republished many texts about these insurrections on the Enough 14 blog, unfortunately we didn’t have much on the ground reporting this year. But we want to change that. In the Enough 14 Info-Café we organized a lot of screenings, info-events, debates and meetings. In the coming months we want to restart our independent on the ground reporting. We are also looking for a bigger space to relocate the Enough Info-Café.

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Enough 14 Counter Information
In the past years we did a lot of on the ground reporting about the situation of migrants on the Balkanroute, border closures, La ZAD, Catalonia and other struggles across Europe. It has been a busy year so far but we didn’t manage to do everything we wanted to do. We did some on the ground reporting from Athens in the beginning of the year. Several months before Nea Demokratia came to power on the Greek territory, we reported on the ground from Exarchia. That was before the Syriza regime evivted the Azadi refugee squat, which we not only reported about. We also worked together with the Cars of Hope collective and organized things like a washing machine, a refrigerator, contruction material to repair showers and other things, and food for people who lived in the Azadi and Babylon squats before these squats were evicted. We also did some on the ground reporting from demonstrations in Athens, Cologne, Wuppertal and other cities. We reported from the occupations in the Hambacher- and Osterholz forest on the German territory. But we did not as much on the ground reporting as we wanted too. We were not always able to cover the expenses.

Enough Info-Café
The Enough Info-Café was opened on December 22, 2018, in Wuppertal (German territory). We did more than 20 film screenings in the past 11 months. The space was also used for meetings of various groups and collectives. There were info events about the Osterholz forest occupation, the Hambacher forest occupation and the fascist groups in the city of Dortmund, about feminism, anarchism and many more subjects. We also organized the “Climate weekend”, with a lot of films and discussions about the socalled “New Green Deal”, climate change and capitalism. The Info-Café is also a strong hold against the growing fascist thread in the city of Wuppertal. It has opened 5 days a week and has a “free-shop” shelf, people can also drink tee for free. One of the things the Info-Café are a lot of books and counter information flyer and zines. Some of the books and counter information zines are for free, others people ca buy or read in the Info-Café. Together with many neighbours and other people, we managed to improve networking and a strong antifascist presence in the neighbourhood. But as the fascists are getting stronger and stronger across the German territory and beyond, there is still a lot more to be done.

Afer almost a year, the Info-Café is looking for a bigger space. We have a lot of ideas and want to expand our free-shop and also the amount of books and other stuff. But we also had some screenings were the Info-Café was so packed that it was impossible to have more people in. Nexst year we want to organize a few events which could get to big for the small café. 

This year we didn’t have enough money to cover our expenses to do a lot of independent reporting, but we think that with support from our readers we can solve that problem. At the moment we are preparing on the ground reporting from the Balkanroute, from Athens (Exarchia) and other European cities and regions. If we are able to cover the expenses we are even planning to do on the ground reporting on other continents. To finance a bigger space (renovation and so on), the Enough Info-Café also needs your support. Without your support we will not be able to put our plans into practice.

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  3. […] The revolution will not be televised: Working On and Offline on the ground […]

  4. […] The revolution will not be televised: Working On and Offline on the ground […]

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