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Report and photos #ChileDesperto demo in #Hamburg

Last Saturday we went together with several hundred people through St. Pauli to show our solidarity with the uprising in Chile and to draw attention to the human rights violations. There were many Chileans, partly from other cities, but also many other solidary people from other communities, organizations and contexts.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

The demonstration had a strong internationalist character, with speeches by Kurdish, Latin American and German friends. Many speeches were given in German, English and Spanish, emphasizing different aspects. Criticism of imperialism, neo-liberalism and patriarchy were as much a topic as reports on the current situation and struggles in other parts of the world. Thus we had a strong contentwise expression.

Various forms of protest were practiced: signs and banners were held up, songs were sung, music was performed and people danced, noise was made with cacelorazos (People knocking spoons on pots), slogans were shouted, a life-size puppet of Pinera was symbolically hung up, flyers were distributed and during the intermediate rally on the Reeperbahn there was a performance in memory of all those murdered followed by a minute of silence. Passers-by were motivated to join in and, with a few exceptions, the reaction of the population was positive.

The police were on site with a disproportionately large contingent, which provoked unnecessarily. The highlight was the filming of the demo with two cameras without any reason. At no time did the participants commit crimes or act aggressively. Only after we made it clear that we would not move on, the filming was stopped. This shows us once again that the police is not our friend and helper.

We will continue to take to the streets, take action and put pressure on the Chilean state. The struggle continues there, so it continues here too. So far nothing has changed and therefore there is no reason to stop. We demand a new constitution and justice for all those who have been murdered, tortured and injured!

Join our protest!
Let us connect our struggles!
Los pueblos unidos, jamas serán vencidos!

Asamblea abierta „Chile despertó“

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