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Zurich: War against war!

The beginning of yesterday’s working day (08.11.) was not as monotonous and empty as usual for everyone in Zurich (Swiss territory). During the peak hours in the morning, roads were blocked and tram tracks sabotaged in the city of Zurich.

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

There is a war in Rojava

In the last years one of the few attempts of our time to bring about changes of the conditions has concretised itself in Rojava (in the northeast of Syria). Not everything is perfect; in many ways this project may not correspond to our idea of another world or revolution and yet we have to acknowledge that Rojava is an attempt. In this space there are possibilities; a (small) space to experiment, a glimmer of hope, that this abominable world, as it exists today, could someday make room for another world. And at the same time this place is also the living space of people.

The meaning of Rojava and similar experiments, uprisings, spaces and possibilities of revolts that open up sometimes, go far beyond their purely physical or regional location. The influences, reflections, ideas and human relationships emerge and transcend boundaries, influencing movements, individuals and life in different places. They give us the strength to continue fighting in a situation where much seems so hopeless and stuck.
Such places can only exist as long as the reality they create does not become so real that it collides with state, military, financial interests. If anything else is to emerge in a place that calls the status quo into question, that place must cease to exist and disappear.

Since October 9, one of the largest NATO armies in the world (Turkey), together with Jihadist militias, has been attacking Rojava. Fascist and fundamentalist ideologies destroy an entire region and go over corpses to confirm their power. The interests of those who stand for the preservation of states and the current conditions destroy human lives and existences. The people on the ground, however, do not surrender to this overpowering power, stand in the way of a huge army and fight as hard as they can!

State of war in Chile

In Chile, since 18 October, we have also been hearing about riots, people who have had enough of precarious living conditions and oppression, police states and neoliberal reforms. What started with protests against the rising cost of public transport in Santiago has spread like a social explosion across the country. Huge crowds on the streets, riots, looting, burning institutions and symbols of power and control over their lives, attacks on police, attacks and destruction of infrastructure essential to the functioning of the exploitative machine. These riots are an expression of the accumulated anger of recent decades, which has come out in an uncontrollable and ungovernable form. This revolt has no parties and no political representatives.

The state under Piñera’s government has declared a state of emergency because the protests and sparks have spread and threaten to become uncontrollable. The military is on the streets, they have imposed a curfew, which has also been ignored by many. The information about the current conditions is only slowly leaking through social media and alternative channels, because the state wants to have power over the images and information. With military means to suppress uprisings, the state can kill, rape and torture with legitimacy and without great obstacles. It is war! People do not let themselves be intimidate and divide so easily. They continue! Until now, the people still say Chile despertó!

The long-lasting war against migrants

In Europe we have been experiencing a ’silent’ war for a long time: the war against migrants and the extreme militarization of borders. A war to which thousands of people have already fallen victim. ’Fortress Europe’ is a war machine and the Mediterranean is a mass grave. The ’free democracies’ of Europe make deals and support other states and governments outside Europe to stop people from other regions of the world from arriving in Europe. The further away from Europe people get stuck, the better. And the less we know and see about it, the less responsibility we all bear here in Europe. Billions are being invested in military border control installations, surveillance equipment, databases, border control agencies and border cops. Everything to protect the prosperity that has accumulated over centuries – through murder, colonization, exploitation, slavery and destruction, here and elsewhere in the world – in today’s Europe.

And so the EU states and their strategists and bureaucrats tremble when the fascist Erdogan threatens to open Turkey’s borders to the rest of Europe and send 3.6 million refugees to Europe. What becomes visible is how much human lives mean in this game… Nothing! All these powerful men (and women) play their board games and use their figures and cards, without considering at all how many realities are destroyed and how many people die. At the moment Erdogan and the AKP government are keeping people from reaching other European countries and in return, they get financial support, as well as the support of the European states for the Turkish war policy. Those who can leave Turkey and somehow reach Greek islands by sea, for example, must remain in so-called “Hotspots” for an indefinite time – another, more modern word for internment camp.

If people survive all these obstacles and still reach the European mainland, then they can expect nothing better than hopelessness, isolation, control, imprisonment, racism,…. Let’s have a look at Switzerland with its network of camps and prisons, which are there for nothing else than to isolate and imprison migrants. The latest fashion in Swiss migration policy is called “Federal Asylum Center”, yet another word for internment camps. But some of these centers are open: at certain times people are allowed to stay outside these camps. Only to return to these strictly regulated centers, where they have no power and saying about their own lives. In the new federal camps, however, everything that migrants need, in the eyes of the state, – legal assistance, migration office, care – should be concentrated in one place, so that everything can run smoothly and more isolated. And as if this was not enough, there are enough places for migrants in deportation prisons or any other prisons fro that matter. And the more efficient everything becomes, the faster people can be deported again, even if sometimes only to Italy. But at least they can’t settle here and build a life. Fortunately, people don’t just let themselves be deterred and continue to cross borders!

War to war!

There is war! War against people. The war of the states and powerful of this world against all humans, who for whatever reason decide to oppose the current order, to break the framework or to break with the normal state. The powerful and influential people of this world have no problems to cheat, torture and murder in order to protect the world they have built – solely for their own good.

From anti-authoritarian, anarchist, libertarian perspectives we want to oppose this war. We do not only want to watch helplessly and accept the normal state of things! In the island of wealth and prosperity “Switzerland”, life goes on, despite or because of the war: everything works as it should, capitalism and its order show themselves from their best sides. We decide to carry our anger to the outside and to disturb this peace.

And we invite all those who feel the same to join this anger, in the places and cities where they are. We see the daily city flow as one of the important components for the functioning of capitalism and its social order, and we want to destroy and block it. Let us block and sabotage the functioning of the war machine, which consists of many smaller and larger mechanisms that can be blocked, sabotaged and destroyed. The traffic, the finances, the flow of goods, the politics, they all are the condition and the reason for the constant war against people.

In solidarity with the revolting people in Chile, with the people in Rojava who resist a huge army, with all the migrants who question borders again and again, with all the burning hearts and rebels who strive for a self-determined, free life and decide again and again to fight this ugly world as it is….

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