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Report by Anarchists on the Revolt in #Chile: October 28 to November 8

Brief reports of the revolt in Chile (October 28-November 08). Reports written and spread on social media networks.

Originally published by Noticias de la Guerra Social. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

October 28, 2019

11th Social Revolt Day

FIRE TO NORMALITY! They tried to “normalize” us, but we came back with more force!

They thought that raising the curfew would make us all go to discoteques and parties, which would numb the youth with alcohol and drugs … It didn’t work out.

Once again “the good kids”, blond and privileged, went out to clean the city at dawn, they were joined by Catholic and Christian groups with white t-shirts; their solution didn’t work out.

Many of the country’s roads were blocked, evasions continue on public transport, and protesters continue to gather in autonomous cells, without parties or leaders.

The figures on rapes, sexually abuses, detainments, torture, disappearances and killings increase day by day. There are no certainties of the exact amount.

On the street, anarchic propaganda begins to multiply beyond thousands of scratches and screams. The cities of Valparaiso and Concepcion register high levels of conflict and combativity. In the capital, unknown militants attack with fire (for the third time) the television channel “Mega,” one of many who remain spokesmen of the elite.

In the commune of Lo Barnechea, they throw a statue in honor of the police, decapitate it and show off the head like a trophy amid screams of joy.

The march to the government palace reaches its vicinity, but it has not yet been possible to gain access to it. “La Moneda” is heavily blocked by militarized police and their armored vehicles. Collective expropriations, and fire attacks on multinationals and large businesses continue.

The leftist groups try to direct the Revolt towards the request of a constituent assembly, trying in many cases to instrumentalize the town councils and neighborhood assemblies.

The government appeals to the isolation of the rebels by appealing to pacifist citizenship. Much of the presidential cabinet fell, including the hated Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick. The new Minister openly threatens “6500-7000 violent [rioters]” on television with persecution and imprisonment.

On Tuesday, October 29, people will try again to reach the government palace.

May the anti-capitalist and anti-State fire not go out! Capitalism is death, revolt is life!

October 30, 2019

13th Social Revolt Day


The mass of the demonstrations is going down and the police have changed tactics, just at the time of the call, the minions charged the crowd with great force, firing indiscriminately. There was no time for rebels to regroup and most chose to stay a couple of blocks from the “zero zone.” Militarized police and their armor seized the iconic Plaza Italia.

The anarchists resume the call to self-defense, to protect themselves using helmets, goggles, shields and “line” the limbs. According to unofficial figures it would be a thousand wounded by pellets, it is very difficult for the wounded to return to the front line. The call is also to multiply the actions of anarchic propaganda, with posters, pamphlets, flags, shouts and anarchic hymns.

Hooded men burst into the Bustamante Park library; to access, they break the screens and remove the furniture to make barricades. Of course, they leave the books intact inside the place.

In different cities they have thrown statues of Spanish colonizers and characters hated by the population. They remain as beautiful postcards for claiming history of native peoples.

In the north of the country, they intercept two trucks and force them to unload on the road, resulting in a barricade of tons of salt. Totally surreal. In Quilpue they set the municipality on fire, in that place the Mayor had proposed months ago the Curfew for all minors.

The president of Chile announces the cancellation of the summit of the world leaders APEC and COP21. A great triumph for those who organized to protest the presence of Trump, Putin and their friends. A blow to the ego of the Chilean president, who long ago sought to be an international benchmark. The TPP11 is still in the sights of the insurrectionaries.

In an unprecedented event, the symbol of consumption in Santiago, the “Costanera Center” closes during the weekend for fear of collective expropriations.

In the political parliament they discuss a constitutional accusation about Piñera and Chadwick, adherents to the right-wing government and television journalists say “it is not the time.” Seeking, as always, the total impunity of the authorities.

In court, extensive coverage was given to the first arrested for the destruction of turnstiles of the San Joaquin metro. He was in pretrial detention in the High Security Prison, charged with qualified damages and by the State Internal Security Law. Some figures say that there are almost a thousand prisoners during these last two conflicts.

There is uncertainty about the future of the Revolt, it remains for us to continue contributing with courage and autonomously so that this dream continues.

Fighter youth, permanent insurrection!

The Social Revolt is still alive!

October 31, 2019

14th Social Revolt Day


From early on, protesters take Plaza Italia; as the hour progresses, the place is filling up. There is a strange mix of disguised people, hooded ones, protesters and vendors of all kinds in their positions. Some walked until they reached La Moneda and were dispersed by water hoses. The violent clashes between hooded ones and minions [cops] continue to occur for several hours.

With mutual support and self-organization, protesters make a human pyramid and collectively put out the fire that a tear gas generated on La Alameda avenue in Santiago. Other protesters demolished a police drone in Paseo Bulnes, attacking a key point for repression: Surveillance.

In Iquique, they burned a road toll. In Chiloe, they attack the governorship and the house of the mayor of Angol. In Valparaiso a hooded one climbed onto the roof of an armored water launcher and while it was running, the water cannon was rendered useless.

Unknowns burn a medialuna [crescent shaped corral] in Copiapó, a place of animal abuse used for the rodeo.

Several days ago the arrival of international human rights observers from the UN, Amnesty International, etc. was expected. Many had a naive hope that with their arrival the police brutality would end; with a shotgun to an observer of the INDH (National Institute of Human Rights), the police returned them to the harsh reality. And the reality is the indiscriminate shooting of children, grandparents, peaceful protesters and hooded ones. People killed by sticks, rapes, sexual abuse, torture, disappearances and murders by state agents.

The Ministry of education announces the cancellation of the SIMCE test for fear of the call for boycotts by students, representatives and the College of teachers.

Diplomatic headquarters of Chile were attacked in Brussels and Italy.

The instances of horizontal and autonomous neighborhood organization continue to multiply.

Honor to all our dead and disappeared in the Revolt! We are not all, the prisoners are missing!


November 1, 2019

15th Social Revolt Day

WE CONTINUE WITH IRREDUCTIBLE IMPULSE! No leaders, no parties, no fascist patriots!

In the morning, the March of the “Women of Mourning” arrived at the government palace, in a silent and overwhelming protest. Dressed in black and with eye patches denounced the brutality of the State, capitalism and patriarchy.

In the afternoon, the crowds returned to the center of the capital; thousands filled the “zero zone. “Hooded ones attacked the embassy of Argentina and a Catholic church a few meters from Plaza Italia. According to “change21,” there are seven evangelical churches burned during these last two weeks.

In the middle of the Anarchist clashes, they distribute food to hooded ones in a mobile post. The protesters adopt laser pointers as a weapon to blind the minions and their armored vehicles. While others dispose of a statue of a sentry militia at the monument to General Baquedano.

Members of the fascist Patriot Social Movement (MSP) are discovered within the march; being faced, most flee while others are shot down and beaten heavily by anti-fascists and anarchists, snatching a flag they carried.

The water in most of the pools is dyed red, alluding to the blood spilled by the State repression. In Arica they break the bust of Christopher Columbus and in Cañete they burn the headquarters of the ultra-right wing UDI party. From Limache a group arrives that walked 98km to deliver a petition in La Moneda; they were met with violence by the water lance car.

The highway tolls (TAG) are frozen and the annual readjustment of 3.5% is canceled, changing for an annual increase equivalent to the CPI [Consumer Price Index]. The organizations against the TAG do not conform and call for a boycott for Wednesday, November 6. The political parties begin to promise the forgiveness of the million dollar educational debts of the university students (CAE). The communication strategy of the government is to remove the president from television screens and use the new Interior Minister Brumel as a dialogue asset that promotes citizen councils. They want to put out the Social Revolt in the French style. Pathetically, today the power seeks dialogue, after decades without hearing the demands of the population.

In Athens, a solidarity group released subway turnstiles as a gesture of support for the Revolt. In New York, a dozen individuals evacuate the subway in coordination, after a demonstration against racism and police repression. They tag graffiti and put up stickers with references to the local revolt.

This weekend there are numerous self-managed and autonomous activities for the self-financing of injured and imprisoned companions.

For Monday, November 4, there is a call to Paro Absolute and a demonstration at 5:00 p.m. in Plaza Italia.


November 4, 2019

18th Social Revolt Day


Some of us had the fear that the beginning of the week would diminish the strength of the Revolt; our fear was unfounded. The “Super Monday” began with barricades and roadblocks in many corners, and massive evasions, mainly at the Vicente Valdés metro station.

At dusk, Plaza Italia was full, and with multiple points of confrontation with the minions. Two police bikers were hit by a mob and their vehicles destroyed. In the zero zone a hooded “Blessed Arm” launched an incendiary bomb that exploded right in the face of two special forces policemen, an impressive ovation was heard instantly. The shocking video would travel the world.

Thousands of pamphlets with anarchic propaganda fly through the air during riots.

Members of the Communist Party youth are shouted out by hooded ones who throw paint bombs at their headquarters.

Protesters enter the central house of the Catholic U. and take out furniture to use it as a barricade. At the San Joaquin headquarters of the same university, hooded ones face the police.

Last night, there were a dozen vigils for our murders, tortures and disappearances in the Revolt. The Municipality of Santiago shuts down the year for two emblematic high schools, the “National Institute” and the “Barros Arana National Boarding School.” It is evident they fear that they will continue with the offensive resistance they have starred in throughout the year.

They find a suspicious device and evict the metro station of the Usach.

Panic in power causes a nighttime protest of some fifty protesters near the Costanera Center, impressive police deployment to guard the palace of capitalist consumption. Calls are made to protest on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 at 5 PM. In the same place.

Taxi drivers make a caravan at low speed demanding the resignation of the transport minister. In other regions; Hooded ones attack the Marina Arauco Mall in Viña del Mar, they burn a medialuna in Rio Bueno and set San Pedro’s toll on fire in Quillota. The north is also on fire and in Antofagasta they set fire to a Mason temple, while in Arica they decapitate several statues of soldiers.

Anonymous hacks the INDH (National Institute of Human Rights) website, for hiding the truth and lowering the profile of the atrocities of the repressive institutions of the State.

The solidarity group “Rouvikonas” in Greece demonstrates outside the home of the Chilean ambassador in Athens.

Let’s continue encouraging the horizontal, autonomous and self-managed organization of the Social Revolt! To multiply affinity groups in resistance! We are still in the street…

ALF warrior Barry Horne… it is also going for you.

November 6th

20th day of Social Revolt


The strategy of decentralization and bringing the conflict to the wealthy neighborhoods worked better than expected; thousands of people came to the call to demonstrate outside the Costanera Center. After the repression they dispersed into multiple groups, generating several sources of conflict. Banks, pharmacies, fast food chains and AFPs [pension funds] were collectively expropriated and destroyed by hooded ones.

The entire Providencia axis was blocked from Manquehue to Plaza Italia. The call is again to meet on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 in the symbol of capitalist consumption.

Memorable moment was lived by militants who attacked the headquarters of the party of the extreme right, UDI, broke the fence of the enclosure and entered, generating chaos and taking out furniture to create a barricade. In the graffiti and as an infallible seal of the Revolt was the circle A. The entire political spectrum went out to condemn the action, labeling it as an attack on democracy.

A few blocks away, another group destroyed and vandalized the monument to the ideologue of the civil-military dictatorship, Jaime Guzmán.

A collaborative and self-organized human chain built an impressive barricade with cobblestones, hand-in-hand passed the rocks, raising an impressive rebel engineering work. It was impossible for armored cars to circumvent the imposing barricade.

It is a beautiful custom that hooded ones go up to the armored water launchers and sabotage the hose, leaving it unusable, as happened today in Providencia and in the city of Puerto Montt.

In Plaza Alto and Renca’s square, students face policemen for hours; in the last commune, they attack a police station with stones and molotov bombs. Five carabineros were injured.

Thousands of people continue to gather in Plaza Italia, and clashes with the police are frequent. The day before, the police broke into a school after the assembly decided to take it; a Major of the police officers shot pellets at point blank range at two students inside the educational establishment. The children’s limbs were injured.

Throughout the day the “No + TAG” movement blocked urban roads.

Given the threats of sabotage by the Barras Bravas [soccer supporters], the final of the Copa Libertadores in Santiago is canceled; the national championship is still suspended and the football players’ union refuses to play over the bodies of the Revolt.

In the night, hooded ones of “Villa Francia” and “La Victoria” attack the police with incendiary bombs.

After twenty days, the Social Revolt is still alive and one of the reasons is that it has no leaders. Let us not be manipulated by political parties and their requests; let us continue to anarchize all possible spaces.

Today we celebrate twenty days of cheerful collective resistance, but we have a lifetime without any respect for authority.

Prisoners of the Revolt to the street!

See you at the barricades!

November 8th

22nd day of Social Revolt


Everyone expected the “social announcements” of the national government, but not a word of that. Threats to harden and enact anti-hooded laws emerged from the mouth of the President of the nation. The response of “the first line” was blunt, one of the most violent days since the beginning of the Revolt.

The hoods ones faced off decisively and threw against the minions in Plaza Italia, using a lot of fireworks and Molotov bombs.

An unforgettable scene was experienced when a group of Anarchists distributed a box with a large number of slingshots among the demonstrators, who were amazed that they could not believe they were “free.” An action of brotherhood in war and propaganda worthy of imitation.

Amid the riots, unknown militants broke into a Catholic church, taking out what was inside; everything went to the barricades. Without God or love! It was one of the phrases that could be seen scratched inside the temple.

A few meters past, they attacked the embassy of Argentina with stones and incendiary bombs. And across the street, an impressive smokehouse left the University of Pedro de Valdivia: the palace was in ruins.

A police helicopter that flew over the “zero zone” had to retreat after being enchanted by laser pointers.

To the south of the city, there was a massive collective expropriation of a multi-store and an attack on a commissioner in Pte. Alto. In San Bernardo, they burned a bank and hooded ones destroyed the offices of the civil registry of La Florida and Providencia.

In the city of Concepción, the parliamentary office of the senator and president of the ultra-right-wing UDI party Jacqueline van Rysselberghe burns. In Viña del Mar, they destroy a monument to the ideologue of the civil-military dictatorship Jaime Guzmán and in Linares, a monument to the dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Bomb threats expand, causing closure and evacuation of different places. The GOPE [grouping of commands of the Police of Chile] has to allocate its troops to deactivate possible explosive devices.

Among the rebels, the feelings of sadness, helplessness and anger are recurring and mixed; the official number of eye mutilations by shooting is over 200. The sadistic police shoot the eyeballs of anyone; Nicolas, a 12-year-old boy received an shot to his eye, losing it. A shot in the face of Gustavo, 21, left him hopelessly blind. Many of us are impacted and our concern increases when we see that there are protesters who still do not use goggles.

A video shows a policeman who uses a 13-year-old boy as a human shield while shooting protesters. It is difficult to describe in words what is happening without a lump in your throat stopping you. The number of injuries is uncertain; the figures are around 3000. It is common to see protesters with injuries, patches or bleeding among those who face the minions.

Despite the repression, we will continue fighting and we will have more victories.

There is a call to Paro on Tuesday the 12th and to commemorate the murder of the waichafe Kamilo Katrillanka on November 14.

Love to all who have kicked at state violence.

Eternal hatred of capitalism and those who support it.

Strength to all irreducible people of the Social Revolt.


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