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#Berlin: Does everything first have to explode?

Berlin. The time has come. We (Die Meuterei, a pub collective in Berlin, Enough 14) got the trial date of the eviction action. Unfortunately it is much earlier than we expected.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14. Image above: Archive image (demonstration for the Meuterei on January 26, 2018, image Indymedia DE ).

The date is 12.12.19 at 13:30h (01:30pm) in court room 126 at the district court at Tegeler Weg in Berlin.

Much can be speculated about the reasons for the fast processing. Of course, it is noticeable that the proceedings of Liebig34 and Potse are close in time, as is the date on which the court pronounces its Syndikat verdict. This invites us to assume that a joint eviction day is planned, perhaps in January.

But without speculation, we call for action. We call for preparations to be made for eviction scenarios, regardless of whether they are bundled, Syndi, Potse or 34. Every eviction is one too many.

So that “One struggle, one fight” is not just an empty phrase, in the event of an unannounced eviction of Syndikat and/or Liebig34 before our appointment, we call upon you to meet us on this day at 6 p.m. at the corner of Mariannenstraße/Reichenberger Straße. Of course in this case the Meuterei will be closed.

Of course we invite you to come to the trial on the above mentioned date and support us there. But the court will not decide for us. Therefore, the only thing that remains for us is to take our anger and resistance to the streets. On 07.12.19 (Attention postponed!) there will be the already announced air demo. Fly by and participate. With that we then would have been on route on earth, water and air to demonstrate for the Meuterei. Maybe one or the other will have an idea about fire.

Prepare yourselves, this could become the winter of evictions!

Now you’re gonna have to hit the shit!

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