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#Amsterdam: Call – Solidarity to the squats, the anarchist and social movement in #Greece

Amsterdam. Call by De Vrije Bond  (The Free association) for a demonstration on November 17 in solidarity with the squats, the anarchist and social movement in Greece.

Originally published by De Vrije Bond.

Since July 7th 2019 a new government has come to power in Greece, a prime-minister from an old dynasty that was prominent even during the dictatorship. This new government has started an aggressive policy to lock up all migrants in closed, army-guarded camps and to evict, at the same time, the anarchist neighborhood of Exarcheia in Athens.

Anarchists throughout the country are harassed by repression as to make it as hard as possible to stand in solidarity with migrants. Squats are being evicted on a large scale, social centers are attacked by police and fascists, anarchists are followed on the streets and are fined ridiculously high amounts of money and/or prison sentences. Our comrades need our solidarity!

That’s why we take to the streets on the 17th of November!

On the 17th of November 1973, the students of the Polytechnic university rebelled against the military dictatorship that ruled Greece since 1967. As a consequence of this rebellion, a “university asylum” was instated in 1982 which meant that police could not enter university ground. This gave people the opportunity to organize within the university. The new government has, amongst others, abolished this asylum, which strongly diminishes the right to freedom to ideas. One of the signs that this government is making a turn towards a dictatorship.

The demonstration will take place on Sunday, November 17th, between 14.00 and 17.00 at the Van Beuningenplein in Amsterdam. This is around the corner of Filmhuis Cavia, where the Anarchist Filmfestival is taking place that same weekend.

The Vrije Bond also started a financial campaign to support them to continue their projects as much as possible and face down the repression. Help out by donating  an amount (small or big) to NL25 INGB 0007 6604 36 addressed to VB Solidariteitsfonds mentioning Griekenland. Or you could of course organize a benefit, campaign or solidarity action!

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