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The anarchist student block at the demo against the police invasion of #Athens Economics University

Thursday 14 November 2019: Thousands of students marched today in the centre of Athens, Greece in protest to the recent police invasion of Athens University of Economics to attack students with batons and tear gas (that took place on Monday 11 November 2019).

Originally published by Perseus999. YouTube Video by @kinimatini

The chain of events was set in motion by the police itself when on Saturday 9 November 2019 scores of policemen invaded the same university grounds to evict an anarchist student place, as a publicity stunt that went sour, because they found nothing of criminal importance. Then on Sunday 10/11 the university Board arbitrarily imposed a lock – out, closing down the university for a week following police orders (from Monday 11/11 till 17/11) ahead of the anniversary of the student revolt of 17 November 1973 against the junta regime at the time, when ironically enough, the army and the police invaded the Polytechnic School of Athens turning the massive student protest into a bloodshed. In order for this bloodshed not to happen again, from 1974 till the repeal of the law by the current right wing government few months ago, the law forbade the greek police from entering any academic grounds.

The fact that the police advised the university to close down for a week and indeed just few days before the anniversary of the student bloodshed by the police and the army, infuriated students that decided to defy the lock – out and enter the grounds of Athens University of Economics, only to be attacked by the riot cops in army uniforms like in 1973. Ironically enough the governing party at the moment in Greece is called “New Democracy”.

Following the riot police attack, a protest was called by the students to take place in the evening of the same day (11/11), where thousands of people took place against the police state of emergency being gradually imposed in Greece, demanding the repeal of the law that abolished the “university asylum”.

Then again another protest with thousands of participants took place today (14/11) and another protest called by the anarchists has been called for today, Friday 15 November 2019, at 18:00, at Plateia Amerikis (Amerikis Sq).

Tensions are on the rise in Greece at the moment ahead of the 17 of November anniversary and the date of 6th of December (when in 2008 a 15 years old boy was murdered by a policeman at Exarcheia in Athens), as well as, the ongoing police attacks and evictions of squats all over Greece.

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