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Hambacher Forest: Connectivities and solidarity

With this text, we (a small number of people living in the forest) want to draw attention to the connections between global problems and conflicts.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Translated by Enough 14.

The preservation of the Hambach Forest must always be seen in a global context: The energy produced in the Hambach lignite mine flows into the arms industry, which actively supports war. Every war destroys lives and forces people to flee. But it is not only weapons that kill, but also the increasing destruction of nature that causes people to lose their livelihoods. The coal-fired power plants in the Rhineland contribute to climate change, which is increasingly becoming a cause for people to flee.

It is all the more absurd that escape routes are blocked by the militarization of borders. As a result, people are forced to take life-threatening routes. In addition, the saving of human lives, such as rescue at sea in the Mediterranean, is criminalized.

It is not migration that should be fought, but the causes of it. These are driven forward by the German economic system, which means that we are directly jointly responsible. So we have to start resisting ourselves. For us, this means that the preservation of the Hambach Forest is a fight against the globalised, hostile system.

An attack on some, be it in the form of bombs, repression or sharpening of asylum laws, is an attack on all of us! We solidarize with all the people who fight for a world without exploitation and oppression, be it in the Mediterranean, Rojava, Chile, Hong Kong, …!

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