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Syrian Refugees: Greek Coast Guard Fired on Us!

Chios. Greece. Twenty-seven refugees claimed the Greek Coast Guard opened fire on them on Thursday (14/11/2019) as they attempted to reach the Greek island of Chios from Çeşme, a Turkish resort town in the western province of İzmir.

Originally published by Are You Syrious. Image above: Bullet holes on the boat that was carrying refugees from Izmir to Greece. Photo: Daily Shabah.

Multiple bullet holes were visible on the boat that was towed to the port by the Turkish Coast Guard. Refugees were discovered aboard the boat by Turkish soldiers patrolling the area. Among them were 17 Syrian and 10 Somali migrants, while authorities arrested one smuggler helping them.

Baz Muhammad, a Syrian refugee told the media that they left for Greece on Wednesday night and approached Chios about 30 minutes later. He said they stopped the boat some 20 meters away from the island when they spotted by the Greek Coast Guard.

“They had no light on their boat and then they turned on their lights about 200 meters away from our boat. They started firing into the air but we kept moving. They fired on us when we approached the island. It lasted for about 20 minutes and I counted about 100 rounds fired on us,” he said.

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