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#Chile: Communiqué of the Provincial Assembly of #Concepción

Chile. Today, Monday, November 18, the communiqué of the Provincial Assembly of Concepción was read at Plaza Lautaro in Concepción (formerly Independence Square). This communiqué is the result of several territorial assemblies, unions and other social organizations and was written on November 17.

Originally published by Radio Kurruf. Translated by Enough 14.

November 17, 2019.

In view of the so-called “Agreement for Social Peace and a New Constitution” that was announced this Friday, November 15, as the Concepción Provincial Assembly, an instance that brings together diverse social, political and territorial spaces, we declare the following:

The political caste, represented in the institutional political parties, has always turned a deaf ear to the demands of the people, even when these are massively legitimated in the streets, and gives as its first response free rein to repression and direct violence, without making any effort to make any legislative change in favor of the social demands. This historical action is what has deepened the crisis of representativeness and distrust on the part of the population and, therefore, this forum rejects the ‘Social Pact’ because it symbolizes what happened with the 1989 pact and that served to perpetuate and legitimize systematic violence, without appealing to a real transformation or reparation.

We also reject this Agreement because it does not ensure an immediate response to the urgent demands of the people. We demand the fulfillment of all the historic demands that have been raised in these 30 years of ignominious silence, and that today constitute the “People’s Offer,” along with the withdrawal of projects that sharpen the prevailing economic and political system, such as the TPP-11.

Among the principles that seek to guide this space of the Provincial Assembly of Concepción are autonomy and the recognition of diversity, and a commitment to territorial work and sovereignty. That is why we insist on saying that any process that seeks to define a New Constitution must ensure the participation of all the peoples that live in Chile today, respecting the independence and representativeness of the territorial bases that exist today and are being strengthened.

We repudiate the role played by the Media, which today seeks to silence the mobilization in the face of this supposed Agreement and which has historically criminalized social protest, acting as accomplices of the political and government institutions. In these weeks, they have focused on the ‘excesses and vandalism’ and not on the denunciation of the evident violations of human rights that people have witnessed in these weeks, with deaths, mutilations, violent detentions, tortures and sexual abuses.

In line with the foregoing, we do not accept any agreement or dialogue as long as the impunity of the political authorities and the forces of order and security against the various expressions already described in terms of human rights is perpetuated, as well as we repudiate the political persecution of union, student and territorial leaders and anyone who legitimately mobilizes in the face of social injustice. For the same reason, we give our solidarity and support to José Sepúlveda, a Cepech pre-university worker, who has been unjustly convicted under the State Interior Security Law, as the only one responsible for the fire in the provincial governorate of Concepción, which occurred last November 12 during the general strike.

For these reasons, we invite all residents not to believe in false peace and in agreements that do not respect the autonomy of organized peoples and territories. We firmly believe that the only way to achieve the transformations we seek is to continue in the streets, without losing our power and with the force that we have built and strengthened from below.

We invite you to take the streets this November 18 and 19, in commemoration of a month since the beginning of this social uprising, because it will not end until our rights are eked out.

Until dignity becomes the norm!
Provincial Assembly Concepción

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