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10th Communiqué Evade #Chile 2019: It will not be over until the people say so!

What follows is a message and the 10th communiqué of Evade Chile 2019.

Submitted to Enough 14. Translated by Enough 14.

The satraps [1] that dominate us regroup, unite, and coordinate to attack us with even more strength. They want to drive us off the streets and force us to return to their pathetic normality, where we bow and say “Amen” to their criminal Sunday speech. But we will not give up:



We know that the transformation is not taking place in La Moneda [2]…

Perhaps no other expression condensates the deepest meaning of politics as much as the one that has been spread throughout Chile since last Friday: #picoenelojo (The Fraud, Enough 14).

With this last episode of the Piñera cartel, the politicians are giving a sign that they are regaining their old enthusiasm: dramatic working days, accompanied by speeches and hugs that have never happened before. The shmucks thats some years ago benefited as “leaders” of the student movement against profit, are now kissing the asses of the same people who made the plundering of education possible. They are the turns of political life: those who one day are the victims, another day the attackers and the next day all are Hermanxs (Brothers and Sisters, Enough 14).

But we know the Democracy Show well. The famous “political class” is the most elaborate, perverse and destructive theatre in human history. The crisis denounced by its leaders, which is nothing more than the fact that nobody believes them anymore or buys their drama, is an opportunity for us. We have learned to distinguish between what is forced upon us by a society of predators and the desire for a new world that beats in our hearts.

That is why we are not surprised by the physical and medial blows that the Politickeria is inflicting today. They are desperately trying to contain the mass of millions and millions of people who are coming to them to take their lives back, that have been stolen from them, once and for all. The prison guards defend themselves with all the weapons at their disposal: The monopoly on the use of force also includes a whole series of actors who do everything they can to guarantee the duration of their immaculate normality. But today they seem overwhelmed, and every week that reveals their tricks is so much more elaborate and grotesque.

Politicians agonize themselves for us and want to drag us with them into their downfall: “With reason or violence,” said the highest representative of the bureaucratic-military dictatorship yesterday in his pacifying discourse. They wanted to kill us, but they preferred to work out a new pact: It is not profitable to destroy all the beasts of burdens.

Their agreements and agendas, carried out in our name and against us, will never stifle our desire for life. This dissatisfaction is satisfied with nothing, it demands something much bigger: the new constitution, the plebiscite, the offer of an increase in the distribution of misery have become completely superficial. The flame of our discontent has become a great passion. This passion is intelligent. We have seen it unfold on the streets. It creates a quality of deep and immediate discernment of things in our heads, and action comes from that discernment.

Down with the dictatorship of the living dead who believe they rule us! Despite fatigue, the development of human consciousness outweighs the lies of normality that try to mean something to us. It is up to us to put an end to their bureaucratic, legal and policing restrictions by breaking their control over the territory where we are, where they suffocate us. We are the ones who have risen up against the arrogance of their looting. They will no longer give us orders, they will no longer bark at us. Our project is to build a human society that breaks the dictatorship of profit, that destroys our existence and that of the planet.

Life will not give up!

[1] Satraps (/ˈsætrəp/) were the governors of the provinces of the ancient Median and Achaemenid Empires and in several of their successors, such as in the Sasanian Empire and the Hellenistic empires

[2] Palacio de La Moneda (Spanish: [paˈlasjo ðe la moˈneða], Palace of the Mint), or simply La Moneda, is the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile.

Original spanish version (PDF file):

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