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Fourth statement by the “Federación Anarquista #Santiago” on the social uprising in #Chile

Chile. What follows is the fourth statement of the “Federación Anarquista Santiago”. One month after the start of the revolt.

Originally published by Federación Anarquista Santiago Facebook page. Translated by Enough 14.

Fourth Communiqué

One month after the social explosion in the Chilean region, the Santiago Anarchist Federation declares:

  1. A month has passed since the peoples who live in the territory dominated by the State of Chile rose up in dignified struggle, the humiliations and precarious living conditions to which the bourgeoisie submits us, were responded with a social outburst which maintains its echo to this day. The will of the oppressed class has been tireless, day after day, week after week; the squares, the neighborhoods, the streets and everywhere resistance and organization are being exercised. The mobilizations continue in spite of the betrayal of the usual opportunists, who have once again sat at the table of the bourgeoisie to agree on our lives, the peoples have shown these parasites that we do not need them, that the struggle continues in spite of the fact that they stabbed us in the back with their dagger, that resistance is ungovernable and will continue as long as Capital and Patriarchy continue to exist.
  2. The repression by the State and its lackeys has been bloody. State terrorism has been exercised with total impunity and with the complicity of different institutions, which is why the numbers are only increasing, to date there are more than 6,000 people who have been arrested, 222 people who have lost their eyes due to repression, almost thirty deaths, more than 2.400 injured, added to hundreds of tortured and imprisoned people, and dozens of people who have been raped, reaffirming that the State of Emergency is permanent, and that its policy of war against the oppressed class is the best lesson learned at the School of Americas. In addition to the above, they have begun to criminalize those who continue to resist in the streets, and they pounce on them with raids, fabrications, and murder charges. In addition to the above, they have begun to criminalize those who continue to resist in the streets, and they pounce on them with raids, fabrications, and charges about Pinochet’s Antiterrorist and Interior Security Law of the State. The witch-hunt has begun and the State is preparing to carry out its offensive, proof of this is that the government announces a series of repressive laws that directly hit social protest and the peoples in struggle.
  3. An important element has been the role of the Armed Forces (FFAA). These have been deliberative in the sense that they have taken decisions for themselves in the last few weeks. This is shown by the fact that on Tuesday, November 12, in the context of the massive strike that spread through all the territories, the government, with its tail between its legs, in a meeting at La Moneda asks the Armed Forces once again for help in the systematic repression of our class, however, the latter asked the government for guarantees of impunity for the crimes against humanity they would carry out against the peoples in struggle, and in view of the liberal fear of the political responsibilities associated with this decision, the government decided not to guarantee such a request, so the Armed Forces decided not to go out into the street, leaving Piñera and his ridiculous entourage in a National Chain where the braggart had to call retired cops to collaborate in the repression. Far from seeming funny to us, it seems worrying, the Armed Forces are deliberating and making decisions for themselves, therefore their political project takes on relevance in the current scenario, a project that will look for the impossibility of the current political caste to establish order in the face of the social outburst starting from a political solution, to intervene violently in the situation, in order to re-establish the bourgeois order at the point of bullets and humiliations. We call on the communities in struggle to be alert to the possibility of military terror returning to the streets, but this time from a more radical intervention.
  4. The rotten political caste in the former National Congress began from what was exposed in the previous point to make political agreements to advance towards a new constitution. The parties of order, from left to right, held hands in two days of negotiations in the face of the haste of a possible military intervention sought to give an expeditious political solution to the crisis. From the rooms of opulence the infamous “Agreement for Social Peace and the New Constitution” was born, while the communities in struggle commemorated the murder of the peñi Camilo Catrillanca at the hands of the State a year ago in Wallmapu, from the corners of the palace white smoke came out, which sought to blur the sight of the oppressed class, a pact with the blood of our dead, imprisoned, mutilated, tortured and raped. They sought to muzzle the inextinguishable resistance of the peoples in struggle, they sought to make a pact in the name of those who resist, without the slightest representation of the interests of the oppressed. Their agreement for a new constitution is no more than what we have been denouncing since the previous communiqué, that is, a way of giving oxygen to their teardrop democracy in order to lay the foundations for a new state, which will continue to fulfill its historic role of oppressing the communities that fight against the bourgeois order and its system of domination. Whatever the mechanism will be used to change the constitution, it only reconstructs the state, the problem is not one of participation, the problem is one of class. This process only comes to endorse the bourgeois order, which already oxidated from its pinochetist legacy, through these bizarre announcements it is seeking to generate a new social pact based on a deceitful citizen participation, which by the way is sufficiently accused to only serve as a witness of faith in the process of reconstruction of the bourgeois legal-constitutional framework.
  5. After a month of struggle, we have won a lot, we have rediscovered ourselves as an oppressed class, the social fabric that was exterminated from the bloody years of Pinochet’s dictatorship has been regenerated, we have recovered a piece of our lives. However, the precariousness of life remains intact, so it is tremendously important to continue mobilizing in order to achieve improvements in the short term, which moralize the peoples in struggle and allow them to face their existence in a little more dignified conditions. Therefore, it is essential to continue fighting to paralyze the government’s legislative agenda, in which the TPP-11, the Social Integration Law, and its Repressive Agenda must be immediately rejected. On the other hand, to recover social rights, through the elimination of the AFP, the repeal of the Water Code, the Immediate Condonation of University Debts, the permanent reduction of basic services, the reduction of the Workday and the Increase of the Minimum Wage. We stand in solidarity with our comrades who have suffered the brutal repression, especially those who are now in jails facing complex repressive processes in which the most terrifying laws of the bourgeois order have been invoked.
  6. Finally, we call on the peoples in struggle not to let themselves be seduced by the tricks of the parties of order, not to negotiate with the assassins and not to believe in their false peace. We must continue to mobilize and strengthen our class organizations, to consolidate popular protagonism from the unions, federations and student centers, territorial assemblies, women’s organizations, sexual and feminist dissidents, committees of relatives, coordinations in defense of land, water and territories, organizations of indigenous peoples, etc. May all this resistance multiply and equip itself with organizational tools that will lead to our self-liberation.

Let’s continue the struggle!

To strengthen Popular Protagonism!

Let’s strike root Anarchism!

To build Organized Community!

Long live the struggle of the peoples!

Immediate release of the prisoners of the social revolt!

Federación Anarquista Santiago, November  19, 2019

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