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#FortressEurope: Croatian MEP says “pushbacks are fake news”

Croatia: Fake News, Counterfeit Deaths?

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.

Fake News, Counterfeit Deaths?

Croatian MEP says “pushbacks are fake news”

In the heated debate in the European Parliament, Croats claim NGOs “made up stories about pushbacks for their political gain”

A desperate sentence. A defensive parry used when driven into a corner with nothing to say. Institutinal Politics in its purest form.

Like it never happend, like its just a fabrication to punish the hardworking people of Croatia. Like someone invented the amount of pain, suffering and sadness to punish “regular” people. Like it was invented to opress the people of Europe. An orwellion plot the keep destroy culture. Beyond even the insinuation of cultural degredation, white supremecy conducted trough the lens of a 21st century fall of rome. Beyond the degradation of a system that operates on the basis that they are subhumans, parasites and beggers. Beyond even the liberal reduction to numbers, deals and a burden to shove around. Like taking away people’s sense of selfworth and determination and keeping them landlocked isn’t enough. A total denial and erasure of people lives in one breath nessacary. The suffering of so many people ignored and erased. Even their sacrifices undone. All the people that died in hopes of a better life, are dying again. Their hopes and dreams crushed again. The body’s sinking to new depths.

The mask of civilisation is falling. And beyond it the pure, raw hatred of power and authority visible. No more excuses, no more apologies, no more explinations. The middle ground is fading. A new era of Soveirgn states rising to profit from death, and the brutality of borders and the systems that support it laid bare. With the further expansion of Frontex and the white supremacist ideologies drifting more and more to surface there is no more time to sit back and watch. No more time to comtemplate if it’s really “that bad”. To comtemplate if voting for socialists is gonna make it come back around. Exclusion is at the foundation of western democracy, and the artifical contructs of Nationality will never be meaningfully subject to reform. It’s black shadow both functions to emphasize our prosperity and “civilised manner” as it pumps money into arms industry, because we remain complacent. We nod and say “it’s terrible”, and move on to the dishes.

We must fight to the end of borders, both geographical and mentally. Realise our struggle and helping our struggles we will fight for both an equal, better world and our own self determination. For a world where everybody is free of capitalism and oppression. A world where freedom of movement is not even everybody’s right, because a world thats build on equality and self goverment doesn’t need rights or duty. It would be enough to live life, free and equal

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, November 21, 2019.

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