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#Chile: Your Victories Are Not Ours!

Statement from Chile from November 18, 2019.

Originally published by Vamos hacia la vida.  Translated by Enough 14.

Against the social pact of the parties of the ruling order. Nothing will ever be the same again!

Since the beginning of the revolt – more than a month ago – the rulers have unsuccessfully tried to defuse the power of the social movement. The cops and the military have practically no support among the population because of their unscrupulous behavior, and the class consciousness of the proletarians has constantly increased within the communities that have developed in the struggle. Thanks to the social movement, we were able to reinvent ourselves. A wave of creativity and organization has enabled us to restore the lost community relations and uncover the capitalist lies.
The state and the bourgeoisie have understood that the proletariat is constituted in the struggle from below. That is why they rely on unity from above and on the new social pact. The desire for “peace” and “normality” within the capitalist cemetery unites the bourgeoisie and the police is aware of this. Therefore they unleashed their brutal violence without hesitation because they know that practically no criticism can be expected from the majority of politicians. The actions of the police led to the death of Abel Acuña. He died in the heart of the protests, at the Plaza de la Dignidad.

The agreement of the political parties was reached between four walls. An agreement that does not represent the population and is supported by the old political establishment, whose left-wing faction, while saying that we “have not yet won anything”, understands “real achievements” as mediocre legal adjustments and humiliating crumbs. This is embodied in the “Agreement for Social Peace and a New Constitution”.
They are trying to divide us and make us believe that there has been enough protest. They want us to believe that only within the framework of normality and this ruling and outdated system we can achieve “something”. We want to have nothing to do with a pact with murderers. We will not be deceived, their victories are not our victories and never will be!

We demand:

  • End of impunity: clarification of the political responsibility for all deaths, torture, mutilation and rape by cops and the military. Prosecute all senior officials.
    Disbanding the police. Never again “Comandos Jungla” (“Jungle Commands”, a special police unit) or special forces, because the only function they have is to oppress the poor.
  • Liberation and acquittal for all defendants of the proletarian revolt.

We call to:

  • To maintain the mobilizations
  • To deepen the general strike and the interventions in different production sectors
  • To strengthen the territorial assemblies. They are a direct tool against recuperation and attrition. The creation of coordination committees can make it easier to network between the different territorial assemblies.

Chile 18.11.19

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