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Eleventh communiqué Evade #Chile 2019: Call of a Female High School Student From the Front Line

Last night we received the following message and the eleventh communiqué of Evade Chile 2019.

Submitted to Enough 14. Translated by Enough 14.

Comrades, please,

A female high school student from Santiago has sent us a call to evade the PSU [1] and take over all the educational facilities and factories, to boycott, Funar [2] and hack into the system.

You don’t change an abusive relationship by simply demanding the abuser to do the right thing. The bond must be broken.

Let us abandon the dialogue of the deaf with the caste that thinks it governs us! We will get nothing from them because they have never given us anything. These are the ones who live from our lives. Let’s create the conditions ourselves so that their abuse is no longer possible!

Evade Chile 2019

Front side of flyer:

Evade The PSU!

Backside of flyer:


One of the old capos of the Piñera Cartel collected 378 million pesos after his looting; today he pays 11 million pesos to his jailer friends to be able to go on vacation with his loot. The troop of old faces that heats the seats in La Moneda [3] dresses in white to go out and shed crocodile tears for the dead and wounded that their brave soldiers procured with the precision demanded by the Ministry of the Interior. Terrorism is now also at home: populations are besieged during the night and the next day they send their matins to clean the blood. Et cetera, et cetera. Thus, they add up and follow the government’s measures: this rebellion has given them space to update and further sophisticate their repressive apparatus.

The situation does not resist analysis. Whoever wants to continue believing that the powerful of the world are human beings with whom it is possible to have a dialogue or reach agreements is not understanding anything, has his senses blocked by fear, simply waiting for a piece of the cake to touch them.

We don’t want any piece of your poisoned cake, that’s why we call:

  • Take all public and private infrastructures (high schools, universities, squares, food and basic goods factories, etc.) to use them as centers of self-management of our struggle and to start organizing self-sufficiency and mutual support from all possible fronts;
  • Evade the payment of all means of transport (organizing massive evasions such as those that inaugurated this rebellion);
  • Boycott calls for military service 2020;
  • Boycott the PSU, the SIMCE and all the crude attempts to align ourselves under their market education;
  • Boycott Chilean products that have plundered the territory (wines, avocados, etc.) internationally;
  • Boycott their media ( do not watch television, use any live broadcast as an opportunity to accuse the real looting and war against the people, etc.);
  • Boycott the Jalabineros de Chile (Cops, Enoug 14) and FFAA /Chilenean armed forces, Enough14) in all possible ways ( do not sell them food, do not take them in a collective, do not facilitate their lives in any way, etc.). If any soldier or sniper has any humanity left within him, let him renounce the killing and refuse to oppress the people;
  • Funar [3] the aggressors in their homes and to keep records of all their data (;
  • Funar the whole political class that agrees with the rich and sells our future as if we were slaves;
  • Funar their endless assemblies and manipulations (fires, looting, false accusations);
  • Hack government websites and the mega-companies with which they collude;
  • Hack and delete the DICOM debt registration system and the CAE system;
  • Hack the systems and databases of the powerful to expose their abuses and looting;
  • Erase all their genocidal marks from public spaces (statues and monuments of military, police and political murderers, cathedrals of consumerism and guilt, etc.);
  • Solidarize with the caidxs [4] and injured of our struggle in all possible ways.

We live in an inverted reality. To get back on our feet depends on ourselves, on our ability to build a true community of struggle against the monopoly of money and death. Let us affirm its existence in deeds, here and now, directly appropriating everything we have built. For this we do not need any leader: we have shown that the mass of the living speaks louder and clearer than any leader.

We don’t have firearms but we can hit you where it hurts most: their wallet. Let us rebel against the economic totalitarianism that keeps us in misery, cultivating forms of mutual aid beyond money and the State.

We’ll organize our lives and stop depending on them!

[1] “PSU” is an acronym for “Prueba de Selección Universitaria”, its
a test that every year high-school students need to undertake in order
to apply to university. Its a form of educational apartheid.

[2] “Funar” basically means to publicly denounce someone ( It is a chileanism, in argentina the same activity is called “escrache”. Definitely worth looking into it, as is a type of directo-action that should be exported.

[3] Palacio de La Moneda (Spanish: [paˈlasjo ðe la moˈneða], Palace of the Mint), or simply La Moneda, is the seat of the President of the Republic of Chile.

[4] “Caidxs” is “fallen ones” or “fallen”, as in “casualities”. The x is there to make it gender neutral.

Original spanish version (PDF file):

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