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#Santiago, #Chile: Nov 20th – 33rd Day of Social Revolt

Translated from the latest in a series of regular updates on the ongoing revolt that are distributed via social media networks in Chile.

Originally published by Anarchists Wordlwide.


For our grandmothers who ask us not to stop until their pensions go up.
We’re gonna stay on the streets! For the memory of our mothers who died waiting for medical attention in public hospitals.
Let’s stay on the streets! For our sisters who are asphyxiated by the debts of the CAE (education debts). Let’s stay on the streets! For the defense of nature and the future of our children.
Let’s stay on the streets! For our friends raped by cops in and out of uniform.
Let’s stay on the streets! For our comrades who died dreaming of Anarchy and Freedom.
Let’s stay on the streets! For love of ourselves and our chaotic joy.

Let it rumble in the ears of all… We have plenty of strength and decisiveness!

This is our insurrectionary spring!
The suffocating heat is no excuse for the rebels who insist once again on bursting into the streets to protest. Bus drivers block strategic intersections.
In different parts of the capital, confrontations are reported, students interrupt the traffic in La Concepción and generate chaos in Providencia causing hundreds of business premises to close.
Demonstrators attack a police patrol on Amunateguí avenue and massive evasions take place at the U. de Chile and Moneda metro stations.

The police tanks appear in the “Plaza de la Dignidad”, at nightfall the encapuchadxs (Hooded Ones) retreat to Barrio Bellavista where they encounter a police patrol which they destroy without hesitation. The police inside the vehicle repel the attack with live rounds and two people are injured by .38. caliber bullets.
In the vicinity of Bustamante Park the headquarters of the political party “Revolución Democratica” (Democratic Revolution) is attacked.
In the city of Calama, a truck driver deliberately runs over two carabineros, fails to flee and is arrested at the scene.
It is denounced that the “Puertas del Mar” shopping mall in La Serena is being used as a torture centre. In the same city a welfare office and a pawnbroker / loan building are burned down.

There is a call for a boycott of “Unimarc” supermarkets following the dismissal of nine workers who refused to work past 7PM so as not to put put their personal safety at risk when returning home. For the same reason mall vendors protest loudly because of closing hours and students march inside the mall shouting anti-capitalist and anti-repression slogans.
They call for a meeting outside the Costanero Mall Center on Friday the 22nd at 17hrs.

The Barras Bravas (“Fierce Gang” – football supporters group) are not accepting the resumption of the football championship, they announce a boycott and protests in the vicinity of the stadiums.
The urban bolons (street artists) intervene artistically all over the city, painting bloody eyes.
In congress, a constitutional accusation is filed against the President of the Republic and the parliament disregards it, approving expenditure reserved for the Carabineros by a mere $1000 pesos.

An internet recording shows a mob of Venezuelans leaving a building located at number 65 Las Rejas Norte to chase and beat demonstrators. A conflict that could have serious consequences in the future. Antifascist collectives call for a greater presence in the demonstrations.

Anarchists continue to spread their ideas via printed and painted propaganda, quotes from Durruti, Emma Goldman and Malatesta are painted on the streets.

In Madrid, there is a call to evade the subway as a sign of solidarity with the local Revolt.

Tomorrow, November 21st is a new GENERAL STRIKE… And we go with everyone to the street!

For the brothers and sisters at war and for a community of struggle!


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