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#Chile: Freedom for the Prisoners of the Revolt

Communiqué from Chile from November 21, 2019.

Originally published by  Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Anarchists Worldwide.


The witch hunt has begun. Historically, faced with the possibility of losing everything in a social revolution, the bourgeoisie deploys its entire terrorist apparatus to divide and intimidate the insurgent masses. In the Chilean region, in the face of the great social revolt that is shaking it, democracy -the real dictatorship of capitalism- has thrown its armed gunmen, the army and the militarized police onto the streets, to repress massively and cruelly with the full consent of a State that promises impunity and juicy monetary benefits to those who demonstrate their loyalty by massacring, torturing and raping the proletariat in struggle.

Now, we are witnessing the beginning of a selective repression targeted against the civilian population, people that the State, that is, the ruling class, considers its most fearsome enemies: women against patriarchal violence, defenders of nature, student centers, neighborhood councils, unions of combative workers, teachers, etc. Faced with a generalized and uncontrolled revolt, and the prospect of a possible social revolution, the frightened bourgeoisie will not hesitate to ruin the lives of people who have dared to break with the suicidal passivity that characterizes the “normality” of this system.

‘The Professor’, Roberto Campos* is being punished in an exemplary manner: this is how they try to intimidate the population. “Are you a professional with a spotless criminal record?” It doesn’t matter. For daring to attack a metro ticket turnstile – symbol par excellence of our slavery to merchandise, by paying to live and living to pay – you will be thrown into isolation at the High Security Prison, the place where the State locks up those it classifies as the most dangerous subversives. And, precisely, this class of proletarians are the ones who currently pose the biggest threat to capital, because with their actions they endanger the continuity of the entire system, break capitalist normality and fill the rebellious masses with courage and bravery. This is just one case, we know of at least 400 class comrades who are in prison. The movement self-organized in assemblies, the revolutionary minorities, together with all those who participate in the movement must demand their freedom.

Freedom and solidarity for all prisoners of the October Revolt!
We demand the immediate clarification of the crimes committed by the armed forces and the police during the repression!
No more prisoners or disappeared for fighting!

*Translation note: Roberto Campos, known as ‘The Professor’, is a mathematician with no criminal record who was arrested on October 29th for taking part in the vandalism of San Joaquin metro station in Santiago on October 17th, the first day of the Revolt. Roberto did not resist arrest, nor did he deny the charges alleged against him. The media broadcast Roberto’s full name and personal details on the day of his arrest. Roberto is being held in preventive custody for vandalism of a metro turnstile while members of the armed forces and the police who have committed acts of murder, rape, torture and mutilation still roam free. The State is using Roberto as a trophy, they seek to make an example of him to discourage others from taking part in the Revolt.

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