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#Bern: Communiqué on the “Unite revolutionary struggles” Demo

Swiss territory. For a couple of hours today (November 23, Enough 14), the struggles all over the world were present in the streets of Bern. About 500 people took part in the “Revolutionary Fights Connect” demo. We solidarize with the rebellious people around the globe. We showed that Switzerland is jointly responsible for many of these exploitative conditions and precarious living conditions.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

Loud, unregistered and self-determined, we marched through the main streets on a pre-Christmas sales Saturday. There were speeches about the impressive resistance in Rojava, about the situation in Chile, about the one year anniversary of the Gilets-Jaunes and also about the situation of the feminist and internationalist Nekane, who is again threatened by the Spanish state. Out of solidarity with the resistant population in Bolivia and against the right-wing coup that just took place there, a banner was hung at Münsterplatz. Hundreds of brochures with texts on Algeria, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Hong Kong, GiletJaunes and Switzerland’s role in the global machine of exploitation were distributed.

The anarchist struggles in Exarchia and Indonesia, as well as the Zapatistas/EZLN and the fighting guerrillas PKK, and for the self-defence units YPG/YPJ in Northern Syria, were presented on beautiful banners.

The various struggles all over the world are currently inspiring many people, and we could also feel this on the streets. There was a lot of positive feedback. We look fascinated to the different hot spots worldwide, we learn from them and we attack the responsible people here. So we can solidarize and take our revolutionary responsibility.

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