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#Santiago, #Chile: Nov 21th – 34rd Day of Social Revolt

November 21, day 34 of the revolt in Chile: General strike.

Originally published by agência de notícias anarquistas-ana. Translated by Enough 14.

November 21, 2019

The time has come for you to know that there is no law we respect!

The time has come for you to know that there is no law we respect! The government promises a reduction in half the price of the fare for retirees for public transport and announces an increase of 50% of the “basic solidarity pensions” (the lowest ones), but only for those over 80 years old and for those over 65 years old they would be increased in smaller quantities and gradually in a two-year period. The announcement was taken as an mockery of the powers that be.

The health minister is putting out fire at the barricades with gasoline, saying that “our health system is one of the most efficient in the world. While medical supplies are scarce in hospitals.

Parliamentarians are forced to cut their salaries in half due to social pressure; their salaries are among the highest in the world.

Amnesty International” states that human rights are violated in Chile. The government, the armed forces and the security forces reject the report.

In the morning, the education and health unions take Plaza de la Dignidad. Hours later, in the same place, there were new clashes between masked people and lackeys. A group of female comrades practiced solidarity and mutual support by distributing gas masks among the demonstrators. Anti-authoritarian affinity groups continue to distribute, playing and pasting anarchic propaganda mainly on the “front line”.

Between the noise of the screams, the detonations of gunshots, fireworks and explosions of aerosols by fire, one hears the band “La Polla Records” from loudspeakers and further away masked people sing “Ya no sos igual” (“You’re not the same anymore”, Enough 14) from 2′.

Students take the central building of the University of Chile.

A video shows masked people breaking a fence of a pharmacy to free a locked-in dog that howls from pain, the place is unknown.

At least three people, one of them a minor, denounced that the “Shopping Arauco Quilicura” functions as a torture centre of the PDI (Investigation Police). The whistleblowers arrived naked, bloodstained and separated to an emergency clinic. In response, a furious and vindictive march departed from the Communal Square and arrived at the mall, where masked people expropriated it collectively and set fire to the looted objects.

Unidentified people burned a public transport bus in San Bernardo and burned an AFP ( Administrators of Pension Funds) office in Talagante.

In Valparaíso, demonstrators try to force their way into Congress without success. They collectively expropriated, among other stores, a furniture store and burned a car dealership.

In the port of San Antonio, strangers teared down the statue of a “hero of the carabinieri” which was standing in front of the town hall and dragged it through the streets of poor neighborhoods.

Repulsive intentional assaults were committed in Antofagasta, at least six people were injured. Anger spreads in the city, fire and smoke take over the environment. The police shoot at everything that moves and two children are injured in the eyes, they are only 11 and 13 years old.

In Concepción, they make impressive barricades with cobblestones “May 68” style and also in the “Hong Kong” style. The city of the peninsula has been experiencing one of the most combative days since October 18.

The capital’s press estimates 130 attacks on several police stations. Last night, protesters again tried to attack a police station in Puente Alto and Peñalolen. In the last neighbourhood, a drone chases and identifies the domicile of an individual who shot at a police station. He was arrested.

Unknown people continue to take advantage of the information from leaked police addresses on the Internet and go to a village in Puente Alto where most carabinieri live. They spray and puncture the tires of eight military vehicles.

The district attorney’s office asks for a list of injured people in public and private hospitals every 24 hours. People are investigated on the basis of their injuries and reports. The call is to go only if absolutely necessary, the FECH (Federation of University Students) attends to injured people and removes bullets in its headquarters near Plaza de Dignidad.

On Monday, November 25, feminist groups call for the annual march against patriarchal violence and recall that Mayor Felipe Guevara was denounced for domestic violence.

Let’s not get tired of struggling…




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