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They want to escalate, but they don’t know that the coming revolt will change everything!

Since August 15th we occupy the Osterholz forest on the outskirts of Wuppertal Vohwinkel and Haan-Gruiten (German territory). Since then a lot has happened. Not only here, but all over the planet. More and more people are fighting for freedom, for life.

Originally published by Jeder Baum Zählt! Translated by Enough 14.

Have no doubt about it, even if we usually talk lovingly about people and the beauty on earth….. We are angry! We know that we have to change everything and that if we want to achieve this, we are at the beginning of a long and hard struggle. If we don’t want to suffocate in our inner cities, if we don’t want a war of all against all, but want to live our lives self-determined and in harmony with nature and free ourselves from our sometimes invisible chains, the rulers will show their true faces. They know that their time is running out. Less and less people buy the democracy show. This is one of the reasons why they have introduced new police laws. They are preparing for a conflict with the people they say they govern. That is not surprising. They noticed that people in France, Iran, Iraq, Catalonia, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Hong Kong and many other territories are standing up and fight. It is only a question of time before the series of revolts reaches the so-called German territory.

We’ve had enough of political clowns babbling about democracy and values. These servants of capital who spit 1.4 million people in the face. 1.4 million who took to the streets on September 20 for climate justice. But they’re not the only people they spit on. The CDU and SPD climate package is label fraud, because in reality it is an economic stimulus package for the [€] car industry and its suppliers. Suppliers such as Thyssenkrupp, for example, who rave in their annual report about gigantic sales increases in the coming year due to the e-car boom. To produce the steel they need, they are first blowing out huge amounts of CO2. – Ironie on – Everything for the environment, like quarrying of lithium – ironie off – But that wasn’t enough for these notorious liars of the governing parties and other clowns in the Bundestag (German parliament, Enough 14). The bill for the so-called “coal phase-out” is another slap in the face. This eternal theater play in which these ruthless servants of capital repeatedly engage in label fraud. In practice, the draft coal phase-out law is a wind power phase-out law. The rulers sell their souls and seem to think that we are all morons who don’t get it.

These political criminals who allow people to suffer and drown fleeing because they have closed the borders. These fools not only lie, they also kill. The servants of capital are always there to support the killing machines of the arms industry with an export license. Or they support the eviction of the Hambach forest occupation so that the RWE Group can continue its deadly lignite business. They talk about the war on terror, eliminate citizens’ rights and at the same time sell weapons to terrorist regimes. To dictators like Al-Sisi in Egypt, to Erdogan and his ISIS friends, to Saudi Arabia and many other authoritarian regimes. And these murderers still dare to talk about violence when a window of a bank or a field is damaged. The German tanks in Rojava show that they have no qualms about killing thousands of people or having them killed just to make a fortune.

Their laws allow forests to be logged, oceans to be turned into waste dumps and people to rely on cars, as bus lines are still being cancelled and public transport prices are unaffordable for many. The dirty air we inhale is a consequence of this. Here in the Osterholz forest we could see how the logic of profit immediately activates the lackeys of capital. On the walk through the forest organized by the local CDU it was explained that they want to guarantee investment security. These goofballs are not interested in the quality of life and the preservation of the beautiful creatures here. They can only think of money. But we can neither eat nor inhale money.

Squads… of course it’s called squats…

We must get rid of this so-called democratic circus and the power of capital and replace it with an anti-authoritarian political and social philosophy, with self-governing communities based on voluntary, cooperative institutions.

Let’s get rid of these deadly clowns! Everywhere!

Solidarity with the fighting people of Liebig34 in Berlin, in the Hambach Forest, the No A 49 forest occupation, in Exarchia, in Chile, in Rojava, in Bolivia, in Colombia, in France, in Hong Kong, in Catalonia and all other wonderful places on this planet!

#EstoNoHaTerminado! (It’s not over yet!)

Osterholz stays!

Liebig34 stays!

Wiesencamp stays!

Avert Datteln 4!

For the beautiful life!

Resistance is life!

For Social and Ecological Revolution!

Jeder Baum Zählt (Every Tree Counts), November 26, 2019

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