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Communiqué of the Círculo Anarchofeminist Ni Amas Ni Esclavas on the revolt on the Chilean territory

Chilean territory. Note by Vamos hacia la vida: we share this communiqué of the compañeras of the Círculo Anarchofeminist Ni Amas Ni esclavas group in the context of the commemoration of another November 25, the international day of violence against women or the international day of the violated woman. Let’s remember that dozens of compañeras were sexually abused by militia during the eight days of the state of emergency during the first week of the revolt, and by the pacos to this day (and probably the cases of those who have been registered are very small in comparison to those we know). It is worth taking into consideration the particularities of each commemorative day that has taken place during the revolt, and how these converge when approaching its content to refer us to the same question: the domination of Capital and the State.

Originally published by Vamos hacia la vida. Translated by Enough 14.

Communiqué of the Círculo Anarchofeminist Ni Amas Ni Esclavas on the revolt on the Chilean territory

A month after the beginning of the social revolt in Chile, we have been witnesses of numerous expressions of political violence executed by the police and the Armed Forces against millions of people who have taken to the streets to demonstrate their discontent and rejection against a socioeconomic model installed at the cost of the death and suffering of generations that suffered the consequences of their development during the last 46 years. What was a direct action against the $30 rise in the subway fare, where thousands of high school students orchestrated massive evasions, encouraged an entire society to rise up against an unequal system, to organize the accumulated anger and attack those who have oppressed us for centuries. The different social struggles have emerged with their respective demands, managing to channel themselves into a common front against the state and capital, where empathy and solidarity have prevailed to carry out this revolt, which has not stopped, neither for the excessive repression nor for the pacts for peace. We do not fall into the deceptive trap of the new constitution, elaborated behind closed doors by a political class disconnected from reality and that once again excludes the true protagonists of the long-awaited social change.

As anarchofeminists we join this great struggle, we believe that it is extremely important to back self-determination, mutual support, direct action and territorial organization as the pillars that erect this social transformation, to make the institutional traps historically installed by the political and business class visible through legalistic subterfuge that only favor those who have co-opted power, to infest with these ideas the different scenarios and communities that today more than ever, is fertile ground for the deployment of our anti-authoritarian ideas.

By going through the history of the demonstrations, protests or revolts in this region called $hile, we can find a common factor that continues to our latent days: AN ENDING OF THE HISTORICAL ABUSE BY A POLITICAL-ECONOMIC CLASS WHICH, AT THE POINT OF INSTITUTIONAL, PARTIES AND BUSINESS CONTUBERNIOS, HAVE SUSTAINED THE PRECARIOUSNESS OF THE LIFE OF THE WORKING CLASS IN ALL ITS DIMENSIONS. If we make this historical journey, we also find a State that, from the beginning, has tried to silence, undermine and crush the social uprising through terror, repression and violence in all its forms. This state terrorism unfolded first, with the indigenous peoples in the region for their extermination from the scenario of the nascent homeland, in pursuit of the civilizing installation of the $hileno national state with all its control devices and thus build a country in the image and likeness of Europe: white, civilized and progressive.

The racist massacre carried out by the state did not achieve its purpose and this is demonstrated in the resistance from north to south of the indigenous peoples who have historically had to fight and defend their lands, their culture and their own lives against a state that has systematically wanted to wipe them off the map. Then, this same state that promoted a safe and prosperous future, has overturned again and again the massacre to its own people, but not just any people, but to the people who, since $hile is $hile, have had to live in unworthy, precarious, abused, marginalized and forgotten conditions, people who, wanting to raise their voices, have found themselves with fire, repression, torture, disappearance and death! Mechanisms that we can find in the recent history of the Chilean territory with the establishment of the civic-military dictatorship of Pinochet that with the tip of boots, bullets and tortures put $hile as the number one neoliberal country in the world and with it consolidated one of the most barbaric, authoritarian and despotic forms of capitalism, a form that at present the State could not continue hiding under its great carpet of political conventions, lobbies, public policies of crumbs and deceptions on the daily agenda! Today, the State of Chile shows its true face, that face that during 30 years of “democracy” tried to wash away the historical blood that runs through its constitutions, armies, politicians, laws, shield and flag; bullets, tear gas, pepper gas and bullets, that show this country full of blood, which again, in the revolt that began on October 18, 2019, runs over the social protest again, with more than 20 dead, 200 eye losses, torture, prisoners, hostages and rapes.

The brutal and deadly militarized exercise towards the Mapuche culture has not ceased post-dictatorship. Its objective is to dismantle the history of indigenous peoples in order to reproduce it under a colonialist logic. In this sense, only the history of the Mapuches becomes valid from a revaluation of the so-called Chilean people understanding their ethics and cosmology that focuses on the value of land and nature. “Mapuche: people of this land,” and who will undoubtedly do justice to the misfortunes that have had to run at the hands of an oppressive and murderous state that has labeled them terrorists. From the current social crisis dragged by a precarious and abusive neoliberal policy, it has been shown the solidarity with the Mapuche people in their autonomous struggle, from the social organizations and the mutual support that has spontaneously emerged among our contemporaries, identifying us as anarchofeminists with the anti-capitalist ideals of their struggle. Today, the state has justified violence by wanting to pass laws that further strengthen the repression and criminalization of protest; extorting and murdering those it considers a threat to its current model.

This is how they have discriminated and violated the Mapuches since time immemorial, hiding it from public opinion, criminalizing and vandalizing what they have demanded for years: the liberation of Mapuche territory, its recovery and autonomy, which after being usurped lie in the hands of private individuals who only destroy and exploit it. The government has spread disinformation and lies to public opinion, through the media, that if its demands were met, this would be a triumph for violence, ignoring the constant creation of fabrications against the Mapuche cause, one of the latest being the well-known case of Camilo Catrillanca, one of the long list of murders in the Mapuche struggle, who on November 14, 2018, finally demonstrated in practice the murderous actions of the state’s hit men. Also, the case of the machi Francisca Linconao, who in 2013 for causes without foundation and absolute innocence under the antiterrorist law was acquitted for lack of evidence in 2018. Currently, the set-ups, repression and violence against indigenous people have not ceased, with the difference that not only do minority groups give their support, but a large part of the social movements, as well as individuals who go out on the streets to demonstrate have realized that the oppressor for both causes is the same, the capitalist, patriarchal and colonial state.

The revolt and civil disobedience that has taken place these days have put on the horizon all the injustices, inequalities and violence on which the state of $hile is structured, not being left out, of course, the sexual-political violence by means of rapes, touchings, stripping and insults against women and sexual dissents as one of the strong tools to sow terror, humiliation and paralysis of the antagonistic forces against the status quo! Showing once again, as they did in the dictatorship, the historical macho violence that states (all) have exercised since the beginnings of the civilized world that, in a Machiavellian alliance have deployed multiple acts of vexation towards individuals who escape from a heteronormed system and who resist through their diverse existences. After a great visibilization of the movements articulated from feminisms, it becomes a duty to continue expanding our thoughts, evidencing violence and fighting them together.

As a consequence, we declare ourselves AGAINST THE STATE, ITS BODIES, MECHANISMS AND FORMS!



We believe that the only way to continue fighting and resisting on the road to recover our lives is through organization and territorial assemblies! We do not believe in their peace pacts, nor in their constituent conventions to draft constitutions under a state that historically has been the enemy of all peoples!

The struggle continues, the revolt resists!

Get organized and let’s get our lives back!

Círculo Anarcofeminista Ni Amas Ni Esclavas, November 2019

Translation notes

[1] Presxs: prisoners

[2] “Caidxs” is “fallen ones” or “fallen”, as in “casualities”. The x is there to make it gender neutral.

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