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Greek territory: Call for a national day of solidarity with squats – Thursday December 5th 2019

Greek territory.

Greek territory. On Thursday December 5th, the ultimatum of the Greek state against all squats will end. Here is a call from Athens for a day of solidarity.

Originally published by Steki Antipnoia.

Call for a national day of solidarity with squats Thursday December 5th 2019

Against the surge of state repression and the ultimatums issued by the far right political management, we call on all squatters, anti-authoritarians, grassroots militants across the country to take a step forward, take on initiatives for unity and action for the 5th of December, which is the last day of the ultimatum issued by the ministry of public order. Against the barbarity of authority and the repressive cadre, raise barricades of solidarity with all the oppressed, deploy numerous agonistic and mass resistance tactics which will tear their ultimatums. Because justice is on our side and we will win!

No surrender- No peace ΝΟ PASARAN!

Athens 5TH Of December: protest of solidarity with squats and people participating in social struggles at 6pm Propylae

Participation at the protest of the 6th of December, day of resistance and memory eleven years after the police murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the eruption of a social uprising.


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