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#Paris: Call for an internationalist bloc at demo on the first day of unlimited strike

Paris. Shortly after the historic and almost total strike of September 13 at RATP, five unions – UNSA (majoritaire section), CFE-CGC (executives), FO, Sud RATP ( ousted from Solidaires), and Solidaires RATP – signed a joint statement calling for an unlimited strike as of December 5. Unlimited. Since then, there have been dozens of calls for renewal in all sectors, public and private. The Gilets Jaunes and students announced that they will join the actions. On December 5 there will be an internationalist block at the strike demo in Paris. What follows is the call for the internationalist bloc.

Originally published by Paris-Luttes. Introduction translated by Enough 14.


On the head of the demonstration, let’s unite our struggles in an Internationalist Bloc.

To all the students, exiled, working people, retired, unemployed, individuals and collectives who, like us, struggle against capitalism and fascism, support or practice feminism, ecology, LGBTQIA+ rights, direct democracy, autonomy and self-determination of peoples.

On December 5th, 2019, the first day of the French general strike, we invite you to join the Internationalist Bloc at the Paris demonstration.

Yellow vests, students, ecologist groups and others announced that they would join forces to support the unions’ strike. In our view, this pension reform is only a symptom of a global system that perpetuates oppression, crushes the people’s struggles everywhere and kills those who try to resist it.

Around the unitary banner “Support International Uprising” let’s shout together the slogans of our local struggles. Side by side, our different concerns will resonate. Without denying their specificities, we believe that they are parts of a common resistance.

From Lebanon to Chile, from Hong Kong to Iraq, from Kurdistan to Haiti, from Algeria to Iran, from Greece to Bolivia, from Syria to Columbia, peoples everywhere are rising collectively to fight back against capitalism and totalitarianism. For us, the recent uprisings happening everywhere are not to be understood as isolated events. They are proof of the common struggle we still have to fight.

As capitalism transcends borders, let us transcend them too and join forces on December 5th. As repression intensifies around the world, let’s build solidarity and move forward together in support of the international uprising.

Join us in International Solidarity ! ¡No Pasarán !

Monday, December 2 at 6pm at Sud Education (30 bis rue des Boulets, 75011 Paris) Let’s make our flags and meet to plan our bloc and future actions. Bring back some gear and a good mood !

Meeting Point for the bloc : Thursday, December 5th, Place Franz Liszt, Paris at 13:30.

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