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Report by Anarchists on Revolt in #Chile: November 10 to November 21

Brief reports of the revolt in Chile (November 10 – November 21). Reports written and spread on social media networks.

Originally published by Noticias de la guerra social. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

November 10

24th day of Social Revolt

The Government’s strategy of attrition does not take effect, now they appeal to the division between the exploited. By all means they try to sensitize the population with the decrease of the salary, the loss of labor sources and the danger of the Revolt for small businesses. The power and the media encourage the “protection of jobs” and private property, they want the pressure for fear of being poorer to be done by our neighbors to silence the protests. The psychosis of the “yellow vests” to protect their houses from invisible enemies moves to the commercial districts, where workers just as oppressed as the protesters face the latter with sticks, stones and even machetes. Performing a job for police that only serves the powerful and their interests.

The eruption of the hooded ones in some elite neighborhoods caused panic in the most privileged sectors, in Manquehue de Santiago or in Reñaca de Viña del Mar, the blond and wealthy people dressed in the hateful “yellow jackets” and gathered to defend their lifestyle and its properties. In their hands they wore baseball bats, irons, golf and hockey clubs, in their waists they hid firearms. Despite the threats, the barricades lit up in their corners, the tension between both sides was total and the spark that would ignite the anger was about to explode.

The highest point of this confrontation occurred when protesters took the beaches of Reñaca with a festive mood, a man got out of his vehicle and shot several times against the group, injuring one of them in the leg. The name of the one who wielded the weapon is John Cobin, gringo and white supremacist, who declared himself a worshiper of Pinochet and the Chilean neoliberal system. The event generated a total chaos in the street, the rage overflowed and hundreds of people burned all the icons of capitalism in the place.

Not even the postponement of the Telethon, one of the most beloved institutions by Chileans, has managed to overshadow the beautiful Social Revolt.

In Plaza Italia, renamed “Plaza Dignidad” by the rebels, a smaller number of people gathered. Among those who reached the “zero zone” there was an anonymity that distributed 500 goggles among those who demonstrated.

Most of the militants on the weekends attend neighborhood activities and territorial assemblies where they gather medical supplies to attend to the wounded.

Hundreds of cyclists organized themselves and pedaled to the Santa María Clinic to show their solidarity with Gustavo, the 21-year-old who was attacked with pellets and was injured in both eyes and left blind.

In Colina, unknown ones attack and burn the local Court.

Hackers create an application with the addresses of members of the police, your neighbor could be a minion and it smells in the air what is going to happen. Blow by blow we will return your repression!

There are 4500 detainees during the 24 days of confrontation, we have to make them feel solidarity inside the cages.

We are still on the streets, without leaders or political parties. Horizontally organized, autonomous and self-managed.


Let’s be the drum with benzine from the Social Revolt!


November 12

26th Social Revolt Day


All the territory dominated by the Chilean State burned, since morning, barricades illuminated the dawn.

The call to the General Strike worked in large percentage, millions of workers and students did not go to their jobs, either because of joining the strike or lack of motiviation.

Impressive and massive marches crossed the main avenues, demonstrating the strength and unity of the oppressed in this Social Revolt.

From noon, there were innumerable attacks on police stations, houses of police officers (thanks to the application that identified the homes of the uniformed), military barracks, political headquarters, road tolls, churches and commercial premises.

By way of examples: In Viña del Mar, unknown people attack the house of a Major of police and several cops’ homes have been lined with threats and their vehicles vandalized. Protesters attack Tejas Verde barracks and burn part of their facilities in San Antonio. A church burns in the tourist district of Lastarria de Santiago. In the city of Los Andes, hooded ones collectively expropriate a pharmacy to take diapers and cleaning supplies to a nursing home. In Talca, they burn the parliamentary seat of the ultra-right Senator Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI). Hooded ones set fire to the “Hacienda Gaucha” restaurant meters from the “zero zone.”

In the center of Santiago, the riots extend until the night, with laser pointers the protesters take down a police drone and hooded ones almost destroy an armored water launcher.

Police officers take a large number of mounted policemen to the street, but flee before the siege of “hooded ones.”

There are moments of great spectacularity in this conflict, but perhaps the simplest situations are those that will remain in our black hearts; taking care of yourself and others among strangers and sharing what we have at hand are what makes us smile and create fraternity in war.

Last night the Lo Hermida population was besieged, producing strong repression by the minions and a brave self-defense by its inhabitants. In that place, the police station was attacked and six policemen were injured.

The president of the Nation “calls for peace” by going to retired police officers to strengthen their ranks. Once again in his words there are no concrete proposals to “solve the conflict,” in his monothematic speech there are only repressive measures and balms to try to calm those who wish to change the constitution. He threatens to pursue the State Security Law with complaints against everyone who dares to spread, encourage and spread the Social Revolt.

Politicians continue to discuss what will be the method to change the constitution and square against “vandalism,” while the street demands tangible solutions for its survival and quality of life.

People begin to circulate bills with their eyes bleeding as a denunciation of the horrible reality of state terrorism. In supermarkets, windows are broken as a form of sabotage of “super” meat products and in Europe a boycott of wines and avocados from Chile begins.

Do not forget the call to commemorate the murder of weichafe Camilo Catrillanca on Thursday, November 14.

Less calls to the constituent assembly and MORE CALLS TO REPLACEMENT ASSEMBLIES!

May the scream continue to rumble on the front line … DEATH TO THE STATE, LONG LIVE ANARCHY!

November 14-15

28th and 29th Day of Social Revolt


One year after the murder of Weichafe Camilo Catrillanca, and we remembered that 365 days ago, rage swept through the whole of Italy square like a furious overflow from a river in a storm. Anxiety eats us waiting for a great offensive nourished by the epic of the original peoples…

Everything changed radically at dusk, it is presumed that the application that broadcasts the addresses of the police is being taken advantage of by the rebels, attacking police officers where it hurts and when they are alone; In Chiguayante, unknown people break into a house of a couple of policemen, breaking everything in their path on the first floor of the place. In Quinta Normal, they enter the police force and stab a police officer in their own home and in Independencia, they stone the house of a carabineros captain. While the minions sleep, their cars they have suffered incendiary and vandalism attacks, a totally reproducible practice that is being spread in different neighborhoods.

During the protests in the city of Rancagua, hooded ones throw a dynamite cartridge into a patrol of police without exploding.

The night ends with the attack with dozens of incendiary bombs on a police station in La Victoria, the burning of cops’ houses in Coyhaique and the burning of a priest’s house accused of sexual abuse in Puerto. Montt.


On Friday at 3 in the morning parliamentarians of all trends pose smiling for an agreement reached behind the back of the population, while the capitalist media applaud the cohesion of the political class.

HISTORICAL! All news and newspaper covers emphasize. They announce that with great effort and detachment, they made a commitment to change the Constitution, calling to depose the mobilizations so that we return to their long-awaited normality. Many applaud, from the left they value the gesture, Pinochet’s constitution finally fell!

The years and experience have taught us many things, one of them is not to rely on political parties or parliamentarians. In just a few hours the inevitable “fine print” of the agreement is known. Some are disappointed and the most radical accuse that the agreement only empowers “bourgeois democracy,” the state is strengthened with the call to participate in the elections for April 2020 and not a hair of capitalism is touched.

The “Plaza de la Dignidad” dawns magically, covered with white fabrics and with the slogan “PEACE.” Everything points to a political use and a pathetic attempt to decompress the Social Revolt, every farce is valid to return to normal and extinguish the fury of the oppressed. But the rebels do not believe in the pacifying discourse and return more stubbornly than ever to fill the streets, generating new clashes with the minions.

Television censorship and media manipulation reaches the absurd, showing the agglomeration of people as if they were celebrating the agreement. While in the “zero zone,” a hopper truck unloads tons of stones to support the first line, the riots are increasingly violent and hundreds of injuries are treated in improvised first aid centers. Twenty-seven people end up with eye injuries, some with complete loss of the eyeball.

In the middle of Plaza Italia, Abel, 29, vanishes from a cardiorespiratory attack due to the saturation of tear gas bombs, while an ambulance arrives to take care of him, an armored one throws water at them, sprays them with more tear gas and even shoots pellets, a Paramedic is impacted on her ankle. Abel Acuña did not respond to the resuscitation maneuvers and died in the street, another state murder.

That is the reality of the elite’s calls for “social peace,” “public order” and “social pact.” The truth is that we are at war and there are comrades who continue to fight in the front line without an eye or with dozens of pellets in their body. Thousands of militants have risked and continue to risk their skin, freedom and life for almost a month after the outbreak.

Anonymous exposes administrators of the fascist group “black spiders Chile” and hacks the “Agrosúper” meat exploitation page.

Thousands of kilometers away, anarchist comrades of “Pyroman of the Chilean era” burn the car of a Chilean diplomat in Greece.

The Social Revolt achieved what years of anarchic propaganda could never show to many that continuing to delegate our lives to professional bureaucrats is not the way. We keep moving forward with our exciting wishes for FREEDOM …

The call is once again to protest, this time on Monday 18 in the front of the U of Chile.

Until you destroy all the cages!


November 18th

31st Social Revolt Day


Behind the hood … An inextinguishable smile!

We breathe the mixture of smoke and tear. Looking around the scene overwhelms us, there are thousands of people who continue to fight. An immense emotion runs through us and behind the hood, an inextinguishable smile is drawn. We are living what we read a hundred times!

There is no certainty of anything, our impulse is still the search for freedom. But almost always our desire is antagonistic with that of the crowd, we are still a black minority … But a very active minority.

Over the weekend, there were five incendiary attacks on banks in Peñalolén, Cerro Navia, Lo Espejo, El Bosque and Santiago and an attack with Molotov bombs at a police station in Maipu ends with two detainees.

On Monday in the Plaza de Puente Alto there were clashes with the minions and an attack on a police station. In the Plaza of Maipu, there are riots and launching a cannon from the Monument Square, students take the CODEDUC.

In Antogasta, unknown people paint the anchor black, the city’s icon. In Iquique, they attack with Molotov bombs a checkpoint of the regiment. In Valdivia, they set fire to the headquarters of the Socialist Party. In Concepción, they burn the flags of all parties, a sign that this Revolt has no leaders or political parties. In Santiago, former presidential candidate Beatriz Sánchez is expelled from the “zero zone,” accused of being part of the negotiating elite.

Among thousands of people in the “Plaza de la Dignidad,” there are black anarchist flags and black and green eco-anarchist flags. Hooded ones distribute anarchic newspapers and a band sings “Bella ciao.”

When the sun goes down, the police unleash all their artillery, gassing and shooting pellets in large quantities. Today, in the face of this police violence, some riskily preferred to throw themselves into the Mapocho River to escape.

Until the medics of the central post arrived, more than forty were wounded by pellets, the sum is multiplied if we add other medical centers and those who do not attend any health center. A protester is injured with a skull fracture when directly hit by a tear gas canister, he will have to be operated on urgently.

In Valparaíso, the police leave a young man at risk who was shot in the neck. Protesters denounce the grade 2 burns from the toxic water of the armored water cannons.

Revenge comes at night, when militants take advantage of the data leaked by Anonymous and continue their night attacks on private cars and police homes…

There are no answers yet for the demands of the people. Professional bureaucrats delay the increase in pensions, minimum wages, forgiveness of CAE debt, etc. They say there are no resources and offer crumbs in the long term. We have never believed them, except now.

Trade unions announce a 48 hour strike for November 19 and 20. GENERAL STRIKE on the 21st and the teachers’ school reiterates the call to boycott the Simce test…



November 20

33rd Social Revolt Day


For our grandmothers who ask us not to stop until their pensions go up.

Let’s continue on the streets! For the memory of our mothers who died waiting for medical attention in public hospitals.

Let’s continue on the streets! For our sisters who are suffocated by CAE’s debts. Let’s continue on the streets! For the defense of nature and the future of our children.

Let’s continue on the streets! for our friends raped by the police with or without a uniform.

Let’s continue on the streets! For our comrades who died dreaming of Anarchy and Freedom.

Let’s continue on the streets! For love of ourselves and our chaotic joy.

That resonates in everyone’s ears … We have plenty of strength and determination!

Our spring is insurgent!

The stifling heat is no excuse for the rebels who insist again to break into the streets protesting. Bus drivers block strategic traffic intersections.

In different parts of the capital, confrontations are reported, students interrupt vehicular traffic in La Concepción con Providencia, generating chaos and causing hundreds of premises to close. Protesters attack a patrol in Amunateguí con la Alameda and mass evasions take place in metro U. de Chile and Moneda.

Police tanks make their appearance in the “Plaza de la Dignidad.” At dusk, the hooded ones retreat to the Bellavista neighborhood where they run into a patrol car which they destroy without contemplation. The police inside repel the attack with bullets and two people are injured by the 38-caliber shots.

Near the Bustamante Park, militants attack the headquarters of the political party “Democratic Revolution.”

In the city of Calama, a truck driver intentionally runs over two police officers, fails to flee and is arrested at the scene. Protesters denounce that the Mall “Puertas del Mar” de La Serena is used as a torture center. In the same city, they burn a regional ministry of work and a loan building.

Protesters call for boycotting the “Unimarc” supermarket for the dismissal of nine workers who refused to work after 7 pm so as not to jeopardize their physical integrity when they return home. For the same reason, vendors of shopping centers protest loudly about the closing hours and students march inside the Malls, shouting anti-capitalist and anti-repression slogans.

They call to meet outside the Costanera Center Mall on Friday the 22nd at 9 PM…

Antifascist collectives call for a greater presence in the demonstrations.

Anarchists continue to spread their ideas through printed and painted propaganda, tag quotes by Durruti, Emma Goldman and Malatesta.

In Madrid, they call to evade the subway as a sign of solidarity with the local Revolt.

Tomorrow, November 21 is a new GENERAL STRIKE… And we go with everything to the street!

For the fraternity in war and for a community of struggle!


November 21

34th Social Revolt Day


The government promises a half-price reduction in the rate for retired people in public transport and announces an increase in “basic solidarity pensions” (the lowest) by 50%, but only to those over 80 years old and to those over 65 years would be increased gradually in two years. The announcement was taken as a mockery of power…

Parliamentarians are forced to cut their salaries in half due to social pressure, their fees are among the highest in the world…

During the morning, education and health unions take the Plaza de la Dignidad. Hours later, in the same place, there are new confrontations between hooded ones and minions. A group of comrades practice solidarity and mutual support by distributing goggles among protesters. Anti-authoritarian affinity groups continue to distribute anarchic propaganda, mainly in the “front line.”

Among the noise of the screams, the detonations of shots, fireworks and explosions of aerosols by fire, La Polla Records is heard in loud speakers and hooded ones sing “Ya no sos igual” by 2 Minutos.

Students occupy the central building of the U. of Chile…

At least three people, one of them a minor, denounce that “Mall Arauco Quilicura” works as a torture center of the PDI. The complainants arrived naked, bloodied and separately to an emergency room. In response, a furious and vindictive march departed from the communal plaza and reached the mall, hooded ones expropriating it collectively and completely set it on fire.

Unidentified people burn a public transport bus in San Bernardo and burn an AFP [pensions building] in Talagante.

In Valparaíso, protesters try to forcefully enter Congress without success. They collectively expropriate, among other stores, an armory and burn a car company.

In the port of San Antonio, unknown people tear down the bust of a “carabineros hero” who was in front of the Prefecture and drag him down the street.

A reactionary intentionally ran over hooded ones in Antofagasta, leaving at least six wounded. Rage overflows in the city, fire and smoke take over the environment. The police shoot at everything that moves and two children are injured in the eyes, they are barely 11 and 13 years old.

In Concepción, they make impressive barricades with cobblestones “like May ‘68” and also in the “Hong Kong style.” The peninsula city lives one of the most combative days since October 18. The press of the capital quantifies 130 attacks on police headquarters. Last night, they again attempted to attack a police station in Puente Alto and Peñalolen. In the last commune, a drone pursues and identifies the domicile of an individual who fired shots at the sub-station. He was arrested.

Unknown militants continue to take advantage of the information of the addresses of the police leaked on the internet and go to a village where mostly police officers live in Puente Alto. They slash the tires of eight private uniformed vehicles.

The prosecution asks every 24 hours for a list of the injured people in public and private hospitals, people are investigated based on their injuries and stories. The call is to go only if it is absolutely necessary, the Fech [Federation of students of the University of Chile] attends wounds and removes pellets at its headquarters, steps from the “Plaza de la Dignidad.”

On Monday, November 25, feminist groups call for the great annual march against patriarchal violence and remember that Mayor Felipe Guevara was denounced for domestic violence.

We will not get tired of fighting …



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